Want to find a unique face mask for your family? The Mask Life designs funky, functional face masks for the whole family. Designed by a mum in Australia, the face masks are reversible, reusable, and washable. And use the code “HILLSMUMS” for a 20% discount off your entire purchase! There’s free shipping for orders over $60.

Who would have predicted face masks would be the hot accessory for this year? Between the kids, who are prone to losing stuff, and desperation to do anything to spice up life when we’re stuck in one place, having a huge face mask rotation is a must. If you’re looking for a face mask in Sydney that stands out from the crowd check out The Mask Life.

Designed by a local mum, The Mask Life face masks are reversible, reusable, and washable. You can choose from fun kids masks with prints like unicorns, dinosaurs, superheroes and space ships, along with adult-sized face masks that come in both conservative shades and fun pops of colour.

And The Mask Life is now an official provider of NRL masks!

All Mask Life face masks are constructed from breathable sports performance polyester material, which has moisture-wicking properties that’ll keep you cool and comfortable. So key in Australia!

The Mask Life also provides the option for customised designs in case you need kids masks for school, or want something a bit more serious (but still breathable and moisture-wicking!) for business. For added convenience, you can also order Mask Life face masks in discounted bulk packs of 3, 5 or 10.

Ready to take your fam’s face mask game up a notch? Visit www.themasklife.com and check out using the code “HILLSMUMS” for a 20% discount of your entire purchase to save on kids masks, adult masks and more!