Let’s face it, having a family takes a lot of energy and electricity is just one of many expenses that can add up! But there are a few key reasons why you get a shock when you open your power bill. Here are three top tips to being more energy wise. By understanding what those points are, you can start experiencing energy savings worth smiling about. 

 1. Using the wrong appliances

It’s no secret that using the right lights can help you save energy. But did you know that LEDs use 75% less power than incandescent bulbs? Choosing appliances with a good energy star rating is also a simple, yet effective, way to save. Meanwhile, unplugging your electronics when you aren’t using them can help you avoid ‘phantom’ energy loss.

2. Not powering down when it pays to

The cost of wholesale energy changes every five minutes. In fact, it can range from $1 to nearly $15 per KWH. That’s why turning certain appliances off during energy price spikes can lead to huge savings. You just need to be informed when there’s a spike, something most energy companies don’t do.

3. Your energy provider is designed to make a profit

Regardless of whether wholesale prices for energy are high, energy retailers will continue to charge a percentage of profit – some more than others. In fact, some retailers have reported almost doubling their net profit during the same period that household energy bills soared. In 2017, one big energy retailer even reported an underlying profit of more than $8 million, up 14.4 % from the previous year. This kind of profiteering should never happen from something as essential as electricity, yet unfortunately, it has been fairly standard practice.

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