The Hills District of Sydney is full of intelligent women, in particular mums. But shhhh…..they have a weakness. Sure, not all of them, but a high percentage LOVE The Bachelor. Why? Well we could speculate and come up with quite a few ideas, but we’ll save that for another time we think.

When The Bachelor is screening we dedicate a special post in the Hills District Mums Facebook group for the evening. These posts are hugely popular, we assume because Hills hubbies aren’t as committed to discussing the intricate details of the show as 11,000+ women are!

So you can imagine the stir when it was announced that The Bachelor, and Richie nonetheless, would be filmed this year in Glenorie! Stop the press! We literally have HDM neighbours spying through tennis courts to get us the latest gossip! However, we weren’t so keen on the description given to Glenorie by the tabloids – ‘sleepy’? We think not!

Bachelor Richie

Now Richie, based on previous seasons, we know that you’re solely responsible for coming up with these amazing dream dates for your ladies. And based on last season, you may now be faced with some budget constraints. So we’ve decided to help you out with some ideas of things to do locally with your ladies that will surely sweep them off their feet! You’re welcome!

Source: The Bachelor Australia Facebook page

Source: The Bachelor Australia Facebook page

A picnic in Fagan Park

About a ten minute drive from Glenorie, this is undoubtedly one of Sydney’s prettiest parks and is just perfect for Richie to woo a doe-eyed lady. There’s a picturesque little bridge that would make for a stunning backdrop. Just beware of the greedy geese. And ensure, if Occupational Health and Safety really insists (bor-ring!), that no one falls in the lake –there are eels.


A pie at the Glenorie Bakery

Well, this is a no-brainer right? We in the Hills are a little more classy than a dirty street pie. The Glenorie Bakery’s version is something to behold – chunks of quality beef, the gravy is tasty and peppered with nice bits of onion, the peas aren’t overcooked and still have a bright green hue to them rather than a swamp colour and the mash is creamy. They also make a huge array of sweet treats oozing with custard and cream – so maybe some sort of tart eating comp could be held? Oh dear.


A schniddy at the RSL

More food. Glenorie RSL is a great spot for Richie to take the ladies for a traditional mid-week RSL meal. Numerous local mums have confirmed the chicken schnitzel is very good. And let’s face it, there’d be nothing funnier than seeing the Bachie’s ladies facing off against fried food. Also, their outdoor play area has recently been refurbished and we think this would be an excellent spot for Richie to host his ‘How will these women be as mothers?’ challenge – always a highlight of the season. We could arrange for approximately 11,000 local mums to bring along their kids? Consider it done.



Taking on a Hills icon

Nothing says ‘the Hills’ quite like our yellow buses that ferry commuters around the Hills and in and out of the city on the infamous M2. We think the perfect test of stamina and patience would be for Richie’s ladies to experience a weekday commute into town on a packed bus. Standing. In 8 inch heels. That would sort out who was committed to Richie once and for all!


A night out at the Tav

Richie, if things are looking a little dire with the ladies in the house, there’s always the historic local hotspot, the Castle Hill Tavern. Foam parties in its heyday were THE thing and we estimate 1 in 3 married couples of the Hills hooked up at the Tav. So your odds are excellent!

An important note – Galston Gorge

We feel we must bring to your attention the engineering phenomenon that is the Galston Gorge, revered by cyclists and feared by truckies. We have a VERY low tolerance threshold for vehicles getting stuck in the gorge and effectively closing it to traffic in both directions while the situation is resolved. So we implore you not to attempt to drive your large stretch Hummer limos through there – you WILL get stuck and you WILL face ridicule on local Facebook pages. See below – those white worms are a true representation of the hairpin bends. However, a challenge involving the ladies on hoverboards negotiating the gorge would be very entertaining!


We hope you enjoy all the Hills has to offer! We can’t wait to watch the season!