So you think that if everybody is doing it, you should too? It’s not just about slamming some paint on a wall. That’s why so many people get second thoughts or the shivers when they stand with their wet paintbrush in their hand, ready to turn their white wall into a colourful statement. Yes, it’s an inexpensive (only the cost of paint) and quick (you get your husband to do it while you watch him from the couch) way to add a focal point to a room.

It’s not called a feature wall by chance. As soon as you paint this statement wall, THAT will be the new feature of your room. So forget about your expensive sofa, your brand new quirky rug or the amazing print you ordered online. Are you ready to make them the second most important things in the room? A feature wall is bigger than all the other pieces in a room. It is at your eye-level and normally a colour that catches your eye.  And that’s the whole point of a feature wall! It’s not an easy thing to get 100% right, but if you do, you will find it becomes your favourite part of your home! Here are eight tips to help you get it right.

1. Stop playing it safe

Not everyone has the guts to paint a wall blue, yellow or striped. So if you want to experiment, you can start with the same colour as your existing walls, just go a few shades darker. Many people use quarter strength, half strength and full strength in one room to add interest. Yes, it does add interest, but it’s in effect still the same colour. It’s not really a feature wall yet. It’s playing safe, but adding a little bit of interest. Nothing wrong with it, but feature actually means ‘prominent, outstanding or distinctive attribute’. So just slightly changing shades, is not yet trying your hand at a feature wall. You need to take the next big step!

2. Be wise with colour

Please don’t paint your wall the exact same colour as your bedspread. Seasons and trends change, and you’re probably going to change your bedspread more often than your wall. Your feature wall must complement the other colours in the room, not match it. It should be a colour that stands the test of time.

3. Working with neutrals

It seems that everybody jumped onto the Scandinavian bandwagon. Okay, we admit, we love it too! What this style did for décor trends is to inspire people to use black, white and grey as feature walls in interesting ways and move away from traditional-coloured featured walls. So a wall doesn’t only have to be painted, it can become a work of art!


4. Which wall should you paint?

Be careful not to assume that you must make the biggest wall in the room the feature wall. The architecture of your home has a big influence on which wall you should use. Look at the wall that already stands out by the way it’s shaped or positioned. If the architecture of the room already focusses on or makes a certain wall stand out, then you should also use that wall as your feature wall, otherwise you’ll be competing against the architectural features of your home! It can also really overpower your room if you paint too many walls the same accent colour. It then just becomes a normal paint colour again and not a feature wall anymore.

5. What room to paint

No, not every room has to have a feature wall. That is like placing the exact same sofa in every room of your home. Keep your home interesting, but also play around with other features like furniture, curtains and rugs.

6. Consider your choice of paint

We are spoiled with so many amazing products on the market. Nowadays the paint section in the hardware store looks like a newsagency with all the paint brochures. Make use of them! They are printed by paint professionals and can be a great guideline for those that struggle to make a decision. Many people want to know what the best paint is, but it all depends on the finish you want. Discuss this with your painter or Interior Designer.

7. Kids’ rooms

We don’t call them kids’ rooms – we refer to them as the rooms of #NORULES! These rooms are more accurately ‘mummy’s room where she can be a kid again without judgement and have free will to experiment and do whatever she likes’!

Magazines are filled with amazing children’s rooms. Use that as inspiration (and old faithful Pinterest) and be as playful as you want to be. Kids grow up so quickly, and soon you won’t even be allowed to make any suggestions or even enter their room!

No rules kids rooms

8. Do your friends call you brave?

Then why not proof them right? It takes guts (and sometimes a bit of money) to go all out with a feature wall. It can be painted or wallpapered. Create an amazing conversation piece in your home and watch how your friends go home and quietly start planning their wall of bravery. Be an inspiration!

Drama Queen

It’s only by experience that one learns these tricks! Lyndie ended up with an awkward peach bedroom wall once and Eriana pasted tennis balls to her ceiling as a feature ceiling when she was a teenager! Yes, we all learn by our mistakes.


Have you done a feature wall you love or is there one you’d love to try? Tell us about it!

Happy decorating!

Lyndie & Eriana

Creative Team of Vanilla Slate Designs


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