Come along to Ability 2 Learn’s Open Day on Saturday 27 October, 10am – 3pm. They’d love to meet lot of Hills District Mums! Ability 2 Learn, based in Dural, provides tutoring for toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school children. Ability 2 Learn’s ‘brain-based’ learning focuses on how each child uses their brain to learn and think, with tutors helping each child to find their personal strengths and talents. 

About Ability 2 Learn

We know the value of education and Ability 2 Learn’s tutors believe that every child will learn, achieve and become independent. They encourage all children to exercise individual thought and use mistakes as a platform to create a course of action for improvement. While tutors explicitly teach, guide and support each child, it is Ability 2 Learn’s overarching goal that every child transition to independence, that is, being responsible for and capable of conducting their own learning. In this way, their teaching approach aims to develop each child as a whole with a strong focus on building their skills and knowledge for positive outcomes beyond the classroom.

Classes for the under 5s

Complimentary to children attending child care, toddler and pre-schooler classes offer stimulating and challenging activities in the areas of literacy, numeracy and science. Through exploration and active involvement, children learn to think and problem-solve while extending their physical, social and emotional, language and cognitive skills.

1 – 3.5 year olds

The ‘Ability 2 Teach’ program recognises parents as their children’s first and most significant educators and aims to enrich this connection. This class nurtures toddlers’ sense of wonder and encourages them to persevere with challenging tasks. Tutors work closely with parents to develop each child’s learning potential and support their continual understanding of the world. Classes require one adult to attend and are 45 minutes in duration.

3.5 – 5 year olds

The ‘Ability 2 Concentrate’ program fosters each child’s spirit of independence while also developing children’s stamina and encouraging school readiness. Classes provide a strong focus on early literacy and numeracy. Parents are not required to attend, however must remain on the premises during class time. Each lesson is 45 minutes in duration.

Classes for primary children

K-6 English and Mathematics classes resemble mini classrooms which comprise up to eight students who work collaboratively with qualified primary tutors. Aligned with the Australian curriculum, these highly interactive classes present challenging experiences and opportunities for young learners to build knowledge and develop their concentration skills.

English classes

The study of English is compulsory for all Australian students K-12. It enables us to communicate, understand, and build relationships with others. Ability 2 Learn’s English classes improve skill development in speaking and listening, reading and comprehension, viewing and writing.

K – 2

  • Sound-letter knowledge
  • Reading, sight words and comprehension
  • Vocabulary and punctuation
  • Creating texts, handwriting and spelling

Years 3 – 6

  • Reading and comprehension
  • Grammar, punctuation and vocabulary
  • Creating a range of texts, handwriting and spelling


Learning Mathematics is extremely beneficial to all students and enables them to respond to the world around them. Ability 2 Learn’s Maths classes provide hands-on activities for students to practise and develop skills in the areas of mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving.

K – 2

  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Number and Algebra
  • Statistics and Probability

 Years 3 – 6

  • Problem-solving
  • Financial transactions
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Area, volume, capacity and mass
  • Order of operations

Private tutoring

Offered to K-6 students, private tutoring provides highly targeted lesson content to suit the individual child’s needs. In this scenario, Ability 2 Learn will match your child with a tutor who will be the best fit.