Matific Galaxy is designed to help kids in primary school develop core maths skills through proven techniques such as playful interactions, colourful characters and gamification. And you and your child can explore the first level of activities for FREE!

Did you know that Maths anxiety affects kids of all ages from Kindergarten through to High School? This can have devastating effects on a child’s abilities and level of confidence.

The best part is that Matific’s  range of apps for kids in Years K-6 features maths activities that have academically been proven to not only help improve students test scores but also boost maths confidence.

Download the apps today to:

keep your child entertained as they learn and improve their core maths skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, data analysis, geometry and much more

guide your child through the entire school curriculum at their own pace

  view your child’s progress and achievements through our comprehensive reports

help boost your child’s maths confidence and reduce their maths anxiety.

Download the app for your child’s Grade from any iOS or Android device. You and your child can explore the first level of activities for FREE. To unlock all games, subscribe for a one-time purchase price of less than $9.99! Click here for more information and to download the apps.