Alium Works is dedicated to changing the face of Australia’s rail and infrastructure industry by providing specialised training and mentorship for mums returning to work.

Alium Works works with industry-leading companies to promote equal opportunity for those interested in developing a fulfilling career in rail and infrastructure.

Companies who have female leaders perform significantly better than companies who don’t. Goldman Sachs & JBWere calculated that the rise in female employment since 1974 has boosted Australian economic activity by 22% – but more work needs to be done and Alium Works wants you.

If you’re interested in a stable career path that offers choice, flexibility, and the chance to maximise your potential, Australia’s rail and infrastructure industry has a lot to offer. Contact Alium Works to learn more about job opportunities in rail and infrastructure today or click here.

P.S.Although Alium Works highly encourages mums to apply they’d also love to help you get your working-age teenagers off the couch and into the workplace!

Alium Works


Phone 02 8277 4215

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