At Base181 Studios it’s our mission for each student to “Believe in their flyness and conquer their shyness.”

Purpose of Base181 Studios

We seek to inspire individuals to raise up in bravery, boldness and brilliance. Bringing creatives together who uplift and support eachother to recognise their greatness within.

It’s our understanding that each dancer is different and we set out to nurture each students journey striving for growth and empowerment in both team and personal fulfilment.

We strive to create a positive and safe place for connection and creativity producing excellence in professional dance education with a focus on the social aspect as our vessel in assisting confident ambitious leaders into our community.

At Base181 Studios we see the value in everyone, it is always child before dancer and confidence before choreography.

It’s more than dance – it’s a tribe, it’s a culture.

Purpose of the Studio Concierge

We are looking for an exceptional and committed Studio Concierge who is passionate about building relationships and positively affecting people’s lives. Someone who is responsible, extremely reliable and organised, has good leadership skills and experience, is self motivated, an outstanding communicator and a dedicated team player.

You will support the Director’s vision for the Company by ensuring the day to day running of the studio is on track and running smoothly by providing excellent customer experience, ensuring projects are running efficiently and on time, and communicate with the whole team to ensure cohesive full team buy in on all projects.

 Main areas of Responsibility

  • Operate & manage the email inbox and respond in a friendly & appropriately timed manner, communicating with a positive warmth.
  • Delight our families & exceed expectations with above & beyond service & communication. Your warm, relaxed inviting tone makes everyone immediately feel calm & at ease.
  • Leadingand managing our culture committee, including innovatively improving systems & procedures, managing schedules and collecting resources while delivering clear and concise directions to lead the team in successful completion of projects.
  • Liaise with the Chief of Operations & Systems & the Enrolment Guidance Guru to ensure all onboarding of students is seamless and up to date. Maintenance and overseeing implementation of current and new onboarding strategies as well as monitoring both enrolments and retention and developing systems to improve both. This may include regular meetings.
  • Oversee the day to day running of the studio and ensure there are no loose ends assisting the Directors with new and current projects.
  • Liaise with the Directors and team to ensure the company moves as a whole towards goals and targets.
  • Update & maintain the company handbook & training manuals including ethos, values and procedures.
  • Ensure the full team understands what their part is and has access to the information they need.
  • Assist during student promotional intakes.
  • Manage businesssocial media
  • Keep the studio calendar up to date & accurate on a daily basis.
  • Product research, new product introduction and roll out.

Outcomes and how your success will be measured:

  • In this role you will report directly to the Chief of Systems & Operations and work closely with the Enrolment Guidance Guru and Culture Committee to ensure all internal operations run smoothly and to schedule. This includes;
  • Attending regular in person or online meetings to pass on key messaging and maintain momentum and detailed precision across all Company projects.
  • Embodiment of our values with a strong desire to push our studio mission daily.
  • Surprise our clients and exceed their expectations with above and beyond service and communication.
  • Nurture and encourage our team and promote growth and consistent inclusive teamwork.
  • Work with Marketing to ensure internal & external messaging is backed up with internal organisation.
  • General Studio Management with a positive and energetic disposition achieving on time results and innovation across main areas of responsibility above.

Attributes to success

We are seeking a leader who thrives on seeing their whole team succeed, who will roll up their sleeves and jump in wholeheartedly always striving for excellence. To be successful in this role you must demonstrate that you have:

A true desire to serve

​Supporting our purpose and helping people feel better about themselves through more confidence and a sense of belonging. Your role is an essential part of the experience as you will ensure all systems and procedures keep this at their core as well as making this experience a priority on every client’s visit

You understand that service, clients and their care are of highest priority

You always want people ­no matter who they are ­ to have the best experience and to feel welcomed and included. This includes anticipating their needs and bringing loads of magical wow moments to each client’s experience both directly with you and with each team member. We aim to have our clients leave with their head held higher, their hearts fuller and a big smile on their face.

 A great team player

I​t is of utmost importance to us that our team thrives as a whole. We strongly believe that “Alone we can do so little, together we can so much – and have more fun!

It is essential that our team members work well autonomously and as a cohesive team with a great understanding of the overall why and purpose behind everything we do. Working as a team to us means being transparent, supportive, inclusive, positive, and acting with integrity to put the good of the company and whole team at the centre of all conversations with a focus on resolutions not problems. Respectful heated discussions are common and expected as our team of passionate people strive for excellence.

Fantastic communication skills

You hold maintaining relationships and keeping in contact with people as a high priority. You have a focus on clear, transparent communication with an outlook always to find a positive solution for any issues in a timely manner. You take personal responsibility for your actions and pride yourself on your integrity. You are kind, enthusiastic and inclusive, exuding warmth and enjoy connecting with people. Our greatest measure of success is attracting the right kind of people and retaining them and you understand that preserving and cherishing the relationships we have with our clients and team is top priority.


Y​ou have a great ability to think outside the box and figure things out to creatively solve problems independently. In a small business, we must act swiftly and address challenges head on. ­Your ability to think and act quickly to get back on track, or better still onto an improved track, is essential.

Good tech skills

Y​ou will need to be able to get across a variety of platforms quickly including organisational app’s ASANA, CRM Dance software, Mailchimp email marketing software and Google Drive. We are always looking at improving how we use these platforms and to find options which may work better for us.

An eye for detail and a love of organisation

Y​ou will be responsible for developing and maintaining company handbooks, procedures and systems to ensure every detail of the company runs seamlessly. You will create and replicate daily, weekly, monthly and termly procedures to keep the team on track with the bigger picture goals. You will need to be able to change course and work quickly when curveballs are thrown your way to ensure the company is consistent in delivering.

A passion for excellence

Y​ou go above and beyond on tasks and hold yourself to a high standard of excellence. You are able to identify gaps and act quickly to resolve them.

Adaptable. You’re a unicorn

Ability to prioritise and get things done. W​hen running a small business priorities change all the time. We need someone who is able to keep an eye on the big picture while creating order from chaos to ensure that we deliver consistency and excellence. You are a powerful planner and super productive.

Genuine drive & dedication to growth

Fast on the job learner. A​s things can quickly change in a small business and it’s often all hands on deck, it’s important that you are able to learn new skills on the go to help fill gaps as needed. We hold attributes like initiative, planning, punctuality, being a team player, passion, self motivation, genuine warmth and care for people and a sense of responsibility above knowing every piece of information or skill you might need, these can be learned.

A passion for the arts and people

A​s we are a dance school a passion for the arts, culture and most importantly people is essential.


  • Start date: Mid October
  • Location: Rouse Hill
  • Rate: Dependent on experience
  • Type of Employment: Casual
  • Weekdays : 3 – 8pm
  • Saturdays: 9 – 12pm


  • Current working with Children’s Check or willing to gain one.
  • Current Drivers License and access to a car.

Base181 Studios have been empowering students through dance to “Believe in their flyness and conquer their shyness.”

We’re looking for a long-term team member to grow with us and create growth within the company. The role is casual position but can move to more hours with the right person. Opportunities for growth are available depending on performance and results.

To be a successful applicant experience in leading a team and management is essential. This role includes some on the floor admin/reception/sales work at the front desk. An Arts Management degree would be a plus but not essential. If this feels like an opportunity that would bring you happiness, fulfilment and growth, please complete the following steps.

Complete the application found at this link

Record a two minute video introducing yourself and sharing what most excites you about this role. Insert the link as per instructions into the Google Forms Application.

Applications Close 1 October 2020