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Welcome to Active Mum in Castle Hill!

We are not a classical gym. We are a village where real women can connect without judgement. There are no taboos. It’s a safe place for all mums and mums to be to work on their health, fitness and mindset.

And your children can be part of the program! Connect with your little ones and be active at the same time.

We are the experts in pre, post natal & women’s exercise. We are known for our world-class standards in helping women rebuild their bodies, fitness and strength. Working with pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, abdominal separation and back & pelvic pain are all second nature to us.

All of our programs are super fun and designed specifically for the female body.

If you’re a mum or mum to be take advantage of our Active Mum Introduction Offer – Unlimited classes for 2 weeks for only $49 – try all of our classes!

Join a beautiful community of amazing mums in Castle Hill! Increase your strength, health, fitness & confidence.

No creche needed, your babies & children can be part of the program.

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Address: 29/9 Hoyle Ave
Suburb: Castle Hill
State: NSW
Postcode: 2153
Other Locations: Manly
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Active Mum is welcoming and all the trainers are supportive and fantastic at what they do. I love that i can bring my girls along and they can be a part of it. There is a great variety of classes offered and the times work well around kids. Highly recommend this place, I have never felt stronger and fitter.
Erin F | 06/08/2019
I joined Active Mum after coming along to bring a friend week. I loved the fact that my baby (now toddler) was in the actual class with me and not in a creche! As a result, she now knows all about lunges, squats, burpees, etc The trainers really care about the clients and take the time to get to know you, with all advice and workouts individually tailored. Active Mum really is a community as well, with everyone being very supportive and encouraging of each other. I started with the team when bub was 18 months old to regain my fitness (very happy with my results!), continued going 4x/week during my second pregnancy, and just returning now post-baby.
Tanya | 06/08/2019
Active Mum is a welcoming and safe space for mums and mums-to-be. The classes are all suitable for pre and postnatal women, with the knowledgable trainers able to modify not only if there is an injury/complication (abdominal separation, prolapse, pelvic floor issues) but also modify for mums who need to be holding their baby. It is a very friendly place to work out, with the members chatting to each other and having a laugh with the trainers while getting the work done as well.
Emma O | 05/08/2019
Joined Active Mums since Jan this year and love this gym. I feel much stronger and fitter. Awesome trainers, great workouts and energetic and encouraging environment with the ability to bring little ones to join in the fun.
Su Ann | 05/08/2019
A safe place. Feeling like your home away from home. You get to exercise and keep healthy for you and your family but if your anything like me you hate leaving your kids behind. Active mum bring your kids along !! kids can be right by your side thats my favourite part taking the kids amd not having tk leave them or put them in a little area . The instructors care about you and your kids . My daughters love going to play and you also get to meet other mums like minded to just vent about mum life.
Monique | 05/08/2019
Active Mum is a true community for Mums and children. The trainers are all positive and professional, they know everyone by name and their injuries, abdominal separation etc. And they also go above and beyond with willing to lend a hand to push a pram or lend an empathetic ear or advise for those tough days. I really enjoy the workout and that I can take my daughter with me into a safe environment.
Fiona | 05/08/2019
I signed up to this gym after baby number 2 (2 months pp). The trainers are very supportive and encouraging. You can work at your own pace and keep your bubba at arms reach whether on a mat, bouncer, pram or in a carrier. Before Active Mum I did a lot of F45 training and I find that the classes at Active Mum have slowly built up my strength again, gets the heart rate up and challenges me. Highly recommend it.
Coralie | 05/08/2019
I absolutely love Active Mum and could not recommend it enough. The work outs are beautifully tailored and the trainers are amazing!
Jane Brett | 05/08/2019
the best way to work out with the little ones. fun and excellent trainers with very comprehensive understanding of womens bodies before, during and after pregnancy. They cater for all fitness levels, able to modify if you’re injured or have a clingy baby.
alexandra matterson | 05/08/2019
I’ve been a member with Active Mum since 2nd trimester of my now 2+ year old. They are so knowledgeable, especially during pregnancy and post natally, that I felt very safe. Plus I am fiiter now than previously. The trainers are also just so lovely and it’s adorable training with little people running around
Michelle | 05/08/2019
Active Mum has been amazing to help me recover from having my second baby. i could feel myself becoming stronger within a couple of classes, all of the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable and kids are welcome
Steph | 05/08/2019
I have been going to Active Mum in Castle Hill for around 4-5 months and have seen massive improvement in my overall fitness and weight loss. Since starting I have lost a significant amount of body fat. The trainers are fabulous and supportive of wherever you are in your fitness level from pregnancy and beyond. I have such peace of mind while working out knowing my little girl is safe and happy as she is playing right next to me. Not only do you get a great workout but you also get to speak with likeminded people (other mums) who are in the same stage of life as you. I love going and just signed up for another 12 months! There is different types of classes to choose from and they are all awesome! You won’t be disappointed!!
Sarah Rodrigues | 05/08/2019
such an amazing and welcoming place to go work out and have fun! my kids also love attending.
Emma Graham | 05/08/2019
Joined Active Mums in March 2019, 5 months PP. A little unsure if I was ready to head back to training I spoke with Nadene who encouraged this was the best step to take. I completed my consultation with Lauren who went through all the important steps to ensure I would be training at the correct level. From the initial request for info right up until today the team have been nothing short of amazing! The trainers are supportive and ensure each mum is training at their own pace and ability. The timetable works for me and when it doesn't i love the ability to log into my app and change my class without a fuss. Thanks Active Mums team for being so great! xo
Fantastic Trainers & Great Atmosphere | 05/08/2019

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