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I’m Warren, self employed as a business coach and consultant in the Hills District in Sydney. I own my own business called ‘Part 3’. I work with small business owners and franchisees. Most importantly I work with people. Because I love watching people grow in their own way. For me, it’s personal. Because I have been in small business for many years and I know what the owners are facing. I understand the challenges of working alone, feeling like there’s no-one to really open up with who is truly on their side.
Who am I?
I’m a coach – life coach, business coach.
I have a diverse industrial and commercial career that includes:
• My own manufacturing business – 15 years
• My own franchise as a business broker – 3 years
• Senior corporate roles (sale manager, General Manager) – 10 years
I came into coaching after doing my own self development courses and realizing that I needed to be in my own business. I really wanted to help small business owners (entrepreneurs) who are in the same place where I was. Alone, frustrated, silently looking for someone to talk to at their level.
As a business coach I specialize in helping small business owners and franchisees who are great at what they do, but aren’t certain about running the business and sales and marketing strategies. I help people to realize success in their business – whatever that means for them.
1:1 sessions, video links, teams and groups are all part of the coaching – as we need.
Many small business owners want help in getting more clients. More customers. I help with sales and marketing strategies – in your market. Through the Part 3 ‘SME lead generation & marketing strategy program’ that’s designed for small business operations.
As a life coach I work with my clients to trouble shoot their progress in their career, family life, work / life balance, relationships, wealth and more. Through structured 1:1 sessions we identify values, goals and dreams, influences, issues and continually move forward building self worth and self belief.

45 George Mobbs Dr
Castle Hill
New South Wales
Other Locations:
Australia Wide
  • Free Strategy Session
  • 5 Sales Hacks for Sales Success
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Warren has been my business coach this year. As I result I am more focussed, happier and most importantly of all…more accountable to myself and my business.

This has had the effect of seeing some of my life goals become more achievable and do-able!

Without Warrens guidance I would still be stuck in the fog of uncertainty and bordering on depression.

Thank you Warren.

Jeff Harper | 30/09/2021

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