Join Castle Towers these school holidays on an immersive sensory garden adventure that teaches children the magic of nature! The Botanical Buddies lab allows children a space to play, feel, touch, smell and to admire nature. Journey through the lab to create your own personalised plant to take home and grow!

Visit all 6 stations in the Botanical Lab:

Station OnePhoto Moment

Photo moment with the interactive neon wheel barrow! Snap & share your photo with the interactive neon wheelbarrow for your chance to WIN!

Station Two: Pick your plant

Kids can select the plant they’d like to take home and grow. There are three different options available on plantable paper.

Station Three: Invisible Ink

Write a secret message on your plantable paper in invisible ink. This is an important step to help with the activation of your seed in step 6!

Station Four: Aroma Wall

Kids can identify different garden fragrances via the aroma wall.

Station Five: Fertilising Station

Kids fertilise their seeds with whichever smell was their favorite, via a selection of light misting bottles.

Station Six: Activate & Reveal

The most important step of all! Our Botanical Buddies will hold their seeds under a UV light to give them a head start, and delight in their message being revealed.

Now take home your seed paper and watch it grow, grow, grow.


Saturday 12 January – Sunday 27 January 2019.

10am – 4pm daily & 10am – 7pm on Thursdays.

Centre Court, level 2.