The Little Gym loves spoiling its members so it’s offering exclusive deals for 2020! Whether you have a non-walker or your little one is starting Kindy, there’s a class for you!

These brand new offers will be released in the coming weeks so don’t miss them! Follow The Little Gym on Facebook or via Instagram and keep an eye on the website – Classes make for a great Christmas present too!

PSN above refers to Parent Survival Night.

More about The Little Gym

The Little Gym classes focus on three KEY areas!

Get Moving – encouraging exercise through gymnastics which assist flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

Brain Boost – nurturing listening skills, following instructions, concentration and decision-making.

Citizen Kid – promote sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership abilities.

The Little Gym runs classes based on smaller and more specific age groups in order to carefully tailor the content and skills to match the appropriate milestones for the children.

Age groups:

Parent Child – Parent/Child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years. These classes are broken up into:

  • Bugs (4-10 months)
  • Birds (10-18 months)
  • Beasts/Super Beasts (19 months – 3 years)

Pre-Kindergarten Gymnastics – this program will help your children channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment. These classes are broken up into:

  • Funny Bugs (3 years)
  • Giggle Worms (4-5 years)
  • Good Friends (5-6 years)

Grade school Gymnastics – your big kid will flip at the chance to tackle new challenged at their own skill level in a super fun environment. These classes are broken up into:

  • Flips (6-12 years)
  • Twisters (6-12 years Intermediate Girls)
  • Hot Shots (6-12 years Intermediate Boys)


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The Little Gym Bella Vista

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