Be one of the first in Australia to sign up for the Powerclub waiting list! Arriving in February 2019, Powerclub gives you access to energy at wholesale prices – and you can’t buy better than wholesale. And the innovative Powerbank can save you from the shock of high energy bills and unexpected price spikes. By joining the list, you’ll be kept in the know about the official launch, so you can start saving and getting more out of life. Find out more here.

Why Powerclub?

Powerclub is different. It has set out to challenge the status quo and change the way people buy and sell power in Australia. It doesn’t profit from members’ energy use and it doesn’t look for ways to line its pockets. Powerclub exists solely for the benefit of members.

Wholesale prices without the ups and downs

Wholesale energy prices change every five minutes and there are circumstances that cause prices to spike above normal fluctuations. Powerbank is an innovative technology that smooths out the wholesale market, giving you greater control and protection.

What is the Powerbank?

The Powerbank is an innovation by Powerclub designed to free you from unexpected price spikes and avoid high energy bills. Your Powerbank will act as a buffer to smooth wholesale energy prices by covering the difference when prices are high and will be replenished when energy prices are low.

Greater control of your usage

Powerclub’s App will automatically warn you when prices are high. Powerclub will advise you of ways to minimise your usage during those times so that you’re not depleting your Powerbank by paying too much for your power.