Tiny Toes Ballet specialises in 2-7-year-olds who love to dress up as fairy princesses or superheroes or wear a ballet tutu. With no set uniform, your child can wear whatever they want each week to express themselves. Dancers are taught grace, performance skills and confidence all through a magical imaginative storyline. Your child will be doing ballet and not even realise it. You’re very welcome to come along for a trial lesson, there are locations throughout the Hills.
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About Tiny Toes Ballet

At Tiny Toes Ballet, there’s no pressure, no big concert, no inappropriate music or moves, no uniform and no hairstyles or makeup to worry about – just throw on your nearest spinning dress and off you go! You will love how stress free the 2-7 year old kids ballet & dance classes are!

Tiny Toes dance school has the most inspiring, professional and friendly dance teachers and staff!

The teachers are genius at holding the attention of young kids. The programming is so clever, lots of imagery, props, little rhymes and games that teach the fundamentals of ballet & dance. There’s also school readiness/reinforcement; lining up, making a circle, taking turns, counting, following directions, all done in such a way that the kids don’t even know that they are learning! The teachers have high expectations while accommodating a range of kids, including those with special needs (within reasonable class modifications).

mums & bubs

The mums & bubs classes are designed to inspire your kids. Classes use props such as ribbon sticks, fairy wings, a parachute and musical instruments. Why are mums encouraged to join these classes? Because it’s super fun to dance with your gorgeous little ballerina, especially while they still love to dance with you!

preschool & tiny tots

The preschool and tiny tots ballet & dance classes are age appropriate and fun. The syllabus is based on creative play, which is perfect for this age-range. The kids act out stories using ballet & dance moves.

kindy & year 1

The Kindy and Year 1 dancing programme is based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, providing a good foundation in formal ballet and jazz without being rigid. The kids are learning to dance expressively through traditional ballet steps taught with imagery, age appropriate choreography and music.

The end of year graduation concert is magical. You can bring as many family and friends as you like without having to pay for seats and you are welcome to take photos and videos of your own kid. Your child’s concert will be held in the last week of term during your their usual class time, day and venue. The dancers wear a beautiful themed tutu and have fun showing off the dances they have learnt during the term. At the end of the concert, your kid will receive an exclusive Tiny Toes Ballet medal and certificate.

Tiny Toes dance school has special events throughout the year like the father/daughter ballet & dance events, themed “dress up” weeks, tutu giveaways and fete performances.

You won’t feel like you’re just a number. You will be joining the Tiny Toes family. You won’t regret it!

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