InFlow Education is offering a free trial lesson at their Bella Vista Tutoring Centre in primary or high school Maths or English.

Are you the parent of a child who is struggling with their grades and looking for a proven solution? It could be your child is having trouble with:

  • a lack of confidence, and they’re convinced they’re not smart enough
  • staying motivated with a heavy workload
  • concentrating and focusing on the specific task.

InFlow Education has developed a unique 4-step M.O.R.E. system that is proven to help students dramatically improve their marks in as little as 60 days. Unlike most tutoring programs that focus on strict discipline and studying harder, InFlow Education’s system is based around motivation, focus and balance.

InFlow Education differentiates themselves from other tutoring organisations through their holistic approach to education. Their slogan “Helping You Find Balance” embodies their teaching philosophy. InFlow teaches students that the key to performing better is through studying smarter not necessarily harder. Through their teaching and coaching experiences, InFlow understands many young people are not taught how to study effectively.

By utilising an effective study method, which doesn’t require many hours each week, students become motivated knowing improvement is realistic and very achievable. Fun is also encouraged. Studying doesn’t have to be boring all the time!  With clear goals that excite them, students accept that the study doesn’t have to be enjoyable if the goal is exciting. With a balance between work and play, students are able to live with greater purpose and energy.

To find out more and book in your free trial lesson, click here.

InFlow Education

2.26 / 14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista.

Phone: 0405 405 985

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