Sigma Education offers private tutoring for K – 10 in maths, English, science and NAPLAN. They’re giving away 20 free trial lessons with their tutors!

You made it through the first term of 2018, there’s only 3 more to go! At this stage in the year, some parents may be thinking about boosting their child’s grades. Maybe there’s one subject that your child struggles to do well in, maybe there’s a subject your child neglects and no matter how hard you try, they simply don’t listen.

Whatever it may be, Sigma can help and to prove it they’re giving away 20 free TRIAL lessons from their exceptional tutors. All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of their homepage at so they can contact you if you’re one of the first 20 to apply.

About Sigma Education

At Sigma, finding a tutor is more than just matching a student’s weakest subject with a tutor’s best subject. Factors such as your child’s learning style and their age level must be taken into account when finding the perfect fit.

Sigma Education understands that a good tutor is the most valuable asset to your child’s education over the long run. And to Sigma, a ‘perfect’ tutor is someone that explains concepts in a way your child can digest quickly, someone who engages your child and most importantly, someone who can mentor your child through their education — showing them how to mimic their successes and avoid their mistakes.

Sigma provides more than just tutoring, we are about revolutionising your child’s view on their education — in terms of both their technique and their attitude.

Sigma Education tutors have a median ATAR of 98.10.

Sigma Education Services
Phone: 0491 089 571


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