With the nights getting longer and the days getting cooler, soon winter will be upon us and we’ll be spending much more time indoors. It’s time to make your home winter-ready; but as much as we’d like to think we have the time to completely refresh and re-style the home, that’s often not a reality.

Here are three quick tips from the experts at MyHouse to help you create a cosy, stylish winter haven.

1. Refresh your colour palette

Put the summer brights away and go for a subdued colour palette for a contemporary and classic style. This season, grey tones give a warm, wintery look. Cushions are an easy way to transform a living room space quickly and inexpensively.

Mix and match prints and textures to create a luxurious, volumous look for winter. Your family is spending more time on the couch in winter, so you want to be comfortable. That means plump cushions and snuggly throws – and lots of them! Look for gentle watercolour prints and mix with thick, woven knit or long-haired oversized cushions and soft fur throws to give a variety of texture and tone. The best thing about watercolour prints? They are kind on kids – spills are easily disguised!

Featured: Grey watercolour cushion, Silver Astrakhan Cushion and Ellowen cushion, all available from the new MyHouse concept store at Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Castle Hill.

2. Layer up

A coverlet is an effortless way to transform your bed. Coverlets give a luxurious look, and give extra warmth in winter. Simply place the coverlet over your existing quilt cover, and you have instant snuggle-factor.

To create a luxurious layered look, place one or two folded wool or mink blankets at the top of the bed, then fold the quilt cover over the top. Tuck a few extra cushions in front of your pillows, and add extra European pillows behind your standard pillows. Add a throw at the end of the bed and you have a luxurious, plumped-up bed that is just waiting for you to dive into (if the kids don’t get there first, that is!).

Featured: Luxor Coverlet Set, styled with Silver Carmen Mink Feel Blanket, Silver Antiquity Throw & Cushion, White Alexander Sheet Set & Grey Watercolour Cushion all available from the new MyHouse concept store at Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Castle Hill.

3. Give your home a quick winter spring-clean

Start with airing your mattress, which should be flipped, vacuumed and rotated several times a year. You can involve the kids while you’re doing it – first, you flip the mattress and lean it up against a window or a wall. Then, get the kids to create a cubby house out of the sheets and mattress for the day, while you get on with other tasks. Your mattress will get a bit of an airing, and the kids will get some imaginary play time. Win-win!

Wash your summer quilt (following washing instructions – or take it to be dry-cleaned), and store it away in a storage bag to prevent mould. Check your winter quilt – it might be time to invest in a new quilt to keep you cosy in the cooler months. Wool will keep you extra warm in the fresher weather, whilst goose is a luxurious year-round option with a lighter weight feel.

Tidy the linen cupboard. Tired of rummaging around in your linen cupboard, trying to find pillowcases? Here’s our full-proof tip: first, fold your pillowcases and folded sheets. Then fold your flat sheet, and tuck the pillowcases and folded sheet inside the final fold of your flat sheet. Voila! Your set stays together, and stores flat in the cupboard. The same can be done for your quilt covers, by tucking the pillowcases inside the folded doona cover.

Featured: Chamonix Goose down quilt available from MyHouse.

MyHouse has opened a new concept store at Castle Towers Shopping Centre. The new store creates a contemporary, classic sanctuary with quality and stylish linen and homewares. The MyHouse team is looking forward to welcoming you in store. 


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