Luncher delivers fresh, delicious meals directly to kids (and teachers) at school!

Luncher prepares nutritious meals daily in its commercial grade kitchens, delivers them directly to kids at school and then collects the used boxes to be washed and reused – eliminating playground waste! Luncher’s background as a team covers experience in childhood education, academic and physical development from K-12, nutrition, expert recipe development and a shared passion for great food. With a hands-on approach, Luncher is always working to better your experience and looks forward to easing your daily schedule!

At present, only 1 in 20 school kids in Australia eat to the basic dietary guidelines. Luncher’s solution hopes to change that by offering exciting, delicious meals with a great deal of variety. Plain salad and a white bread sandwich? Not a chance! Meals focus on a healthy balance of nutrients and plenty of fruit and veg, exciting flavours, trendy meals, vibrant colours of fresh produce; all contribute to a truly enjoyable lunch.

You’ll love the simple set and forget system. Sign up through our website for 3 or 5 days of delivery, choose between our herbivore or omnivore option and we will take care of the rest! This means for parents, you’ll never have to think about school lunches again, your kids will have great, delicious and filling meals every day, for schools there are no extra costs, and our zero-waste model means no mess in the playground. 

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