Base181 Studios has lots of fans in the Hills! And now your child can join the studio online! With a simple click of a button, they’ll be drawn into a world of inspiring, uplifting, and captivating dance classes. Base181’s engaging online programs nurture and educate beginner to advanced dancers, giving them the confidence to thrive and continue to shine from the comfort of their own home!

Base181 Studios’ high-quality on-demand classes allow students to completely embrace and approach each class with confidence and ease. Having the ability to learn at their own pace and revisit choreography and technique anytime. Their weekly live classes spark joy as students creatively connect with friends and seek instant support from their mentors, just as they would face to face.

From Tik Tok challenges, to dance battles and guest artists! And all this with a Zero Overwhelm Policy, designed to make it easy for parents and your family with no complicated logins!

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