If you’re wanting to shift that weight for good then the Mighty Mum Movement may be what you’re looking for! The Mighty Mum Movement was created by personal trainer Aaron. After training over 200 mums online and face to face he became extremely passionate about solving the core of the problem when it came to losing weight.  Find out more below and don’t miss the pictures of amazing transformations by some of Aaron’s mum clients!

Aaron realised that everything out there was trying to solve the symptoms such as lacking in motivation, not having enough time, weight gain to name a few. Aaron has designed the Mighty Mum Movement’s program to dive deep into your belief patterns and look at the WHY behind your behaviours – to solve the problem once and for all.

He also realised that mums didn’t need to be on a meal plan, drink a shake or take a pill in order to lose weight. While all these work initially they just never work out long term, leaving mums more demotivated and further away from where they actually want to be.

What you’ll get:

  • Complete training program that can be done from home x3 a week and only takes 20 minutes.
  • Complete nutrition protocol that is family friendly and requires no extra cooking separate meals for your kids.
  • Weekly coaching from coaches, psychologist and other mums that have walked the journey before.
  • Access to the private Facebook group of like-minded mums where you will be supported daily to achieve your goals.
  • Access to coaches and team 24/7 and the ability to hop a 1 on 1 call with coaches if you get stuck.
  • An exact 4 step roadmap on how to actually lose weight just beyond training and nutrition and keep it off long term.

Click here to find out more and read testimonials from mums just like you who have lost weight and found themselves again!