Have you left your shopping to the last minute this year? You’re not alone. The Christmas buying season has started late this year and the panic is rising! But don’t fear, the toy experts at Casey’s Toys in Castle Towers have come to the rescue – below is an easy & affordable gift guide of the hottest toys of the moment that will cover your kids, nieces, nephews & everyone else in between! The good news is you can get a LOT of loot for your money these days, so let’s break it down by age.

12 months – 3 years

Kid Active has a great range of Pop Up items that include a tunnel ($19.99), tent ($17.99), playset ($49.99) & a junior trampoline ($79.99). Fun & easily portable items – perfect for keeping your little ones active and entertained this festive season!

 Girls & boys 3 – 5 years

Emma from The Wiggles is still a fan fave for young girls and boys! Emma Ballerina Dancing Doll is new this year and joins other products such as an Emma jewellery box, headband & shoe bows (so cute!), soft plush Emma doll and an Emma microphone.

Fine motor skills & hand eye co-ordination can also be encouraged  by the use of puzzles within this age group. Look for good quality wood knob puzzles to start with – then gradually work up to the large piece 12 range. As your child begins to improve you can then look towards the enduring Ravensburger puzzles which start from 20 pieces.

PJ Masks is the new hit TV show this year and as such the toys have followed. You can get all their favourite characters as individual figurines, masks & costumes. Paw Patrol is still going strong as well with the addition of the Sea Patrol range to their line up – including the impressive Sea Patroller!

 Girls & boys 6 – 10 years

You’ve surely heard of Beanie Boos and the family keeps on growing! The new Flippable Beanie Boos are the MUST HAVE items for this Christmas! Available now – these sequin covered Boos are around $14.99 and are also available in Slides & Slippers for $24.99!! Sadly not available in adult sizes…

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) based products are also fantastic gifts for children – particularly as they head into the school holidays. They are a fun and interactive way to engage the mind and practice what they have been working on throughout the school year. Salt water powered robot kits start from as little as $18 making them great gifts for nieces & nephews! LEGO has also come to the party with the impressive LEGO Boost. This item can be turned into 5 different items – and you can program them via the LEGO Boost coding app!

At these ages it can sometimes be hard to get the kids off their devices and into the yard – which means the toys and sporting products have to work hard for their money. Luckily we have narrowed down the best items to do the job! Wahu is a good quality brand that always delivers fun, well priced toys for the whole family. They again this year have the best selling Wahu Surfer Dudes ($19.99) – which actually ride the waves at the beach! Powered totally by waves and available in many great colours. Their Pool Party Gripball and Basketball is also an easy gift and great for the beach or pool!

10+ years

This is perhaps the hardest age to buy for – they are not quite out of toys but closing in on it quickly! Having said that there is much to occupy their brilliant minds during this time. There has been a widening range of board games released to help fill this demand in the market. Strategy based games such as chess and Risk (of which there are now several versions such as Star Wars, Walking Dead & Captain America) are great for boys while 5 Second Rule or Game of Things are also great – thought inducing games!

Funky, different lamps are also a great gift at this time of year – with small ones starting at just $29.99. You can find lava lamps, mini volcano or jellyfish lamps – all of which look fantastic and are also a good gift for those with sensory issues to consider.

For those who love the water – Airtime has an extensive range of inflatable beach and pool floats. Giant rainbow ice cream float, angel winged float and of course the unicorn, swans and flamingo inflatables!  

If you’re short on time and gift ideas let the staff at Casey’s Toys Castle Towers (the old Uncle Pete’s) be your elves! They have a huge selection of toys & games plus their famous specials that are between 50 – 70% off and change weekly! Located in Castle Towers near the Event Cinemas!