Michelle is a fun, enthusiastic and caring person who has a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals! Michelle runs ‘Fun Female Fitness Classes’ where you’ll get fit, trimmed, toned & feeling fabulous!

Classes are only $10 and are held Mondays & Thursdays at 8.30am, 9.30am & 10.30am at Galston Recreation Reserve, Galston Road, Galston. With a third day coming soon!

The groups are small female-only classes where the aim is to get moving and have fun! Michelle takes into consideration your fitness level, goals and any injuries you may have. Classes are a mix of cardio, resistance and strengthening and are different each time.

So if you’ve been meaning to do something for you, come and join a welcoming all female group that doesn’t cost a bomb…and get moving! Michelle would love to see you and if you have any questions at all you can contact her below:

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