The Mini Beasts don’t bite. But they do react to movement with light, sound and bright, brilliant colour. Spot 4 in centre from 6 April!

There’s the Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly, especially common in Queensland, with a wingspan of about 140 millimetres in females and 120 millimetres in males. The butterfly at Castle Towers is proximity-activated, so watch what happens as you make movement near it.

The Neon Cuckcoo Bee – if you’ve ever seen what looks to be a blue bee, chances are it was a cuckoo bee. Buzz about the Piazza and see if you can track it down. And don’t worry about getting stung; place a hand over its antenna and bee pleasantly surprised.

The Cicada – some cicadas sing to scare birds away – and to not be eaten by them. Male cicadas also sing to attract female cicadas. Listen out for the singing cicada on Level 3, in the food court, and gently touch its wings for a rousing encore.

Jumping spiders are smaller than most. But their powerful back legs help them move very fast. They also possess excellent vision to track, stalk and leap on prey. Keep an eye out for the spider on Level 3, near Myer, and see if it sees you.


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