Round Corner Dental in Dural has this great offer for a limited time on custom-made mouthguards for the little athletes in your family. Only $150 BEFORE your health fund rebate, usually $220.

If the athlete in your family plays a contact sport, they risk serious dental injury. Even in non-contact sports such as cricket, netball and soccer, accidental collisions can happen. Dental injury can be painful and difficult to treat, often resulting in a lifetime of expense.

Custom-fitted mouthguards work by absorbing and distributing impact and force, protecting the mouth and teeth from fractures, broken teeth, jaw injury and nasty cuts to the lips and tongue. Over-the-counter options not supplied by a professional dentist are loosely fitted, don’t offer adequate protection, can impede breathing and even lodge in the throat when dislodged on impact. Custom-fitted mouthguards are specially designed to fit each individual mouth perfectly allowing normal speech and offering the best protection possible.

Because Round Corner Dental is passionate about dental protection, its running a Mouthguard Special for the month of March. Usually $220, the price for a custom mouthguard has been slashed to just $150, and that’s BEFORE your health fund rebate. At a huge $70 off, there’s never been a better time to book in and make sure you and your family are ready for the 2021 sports season. Plus, there’s a whole new exciting range of colours and patterns to choose from!

All that’s needed is a quick appointment to take a mould of the teeth, you choose the awesome design, and the mouthguard is ready in 1-3 working days.

Call the friendly staff at Round Corner Dental on 9651 1806 to take advantage of this great offer or visit