We’ve all been there, either in ‘real life’ or online. It might be a raised eyebrow, a little remark, an outright insult or maybe it’s just a feeling that you’re being judged. Sometimes we need reminding that us mums are all on the same team, fighting the same battles. Be kind to one another mummies.


Dear mum who wants to wait until her baby is 2 before allowing them to watch TV,

I respect your decision. But please don’t be horrified when I just want to drive to work in peace and put the iPad on for my toddler.

Dear mum who only feeds her child organic food,

You’re awesome. Because some days I give up and feed him nuggets because I know that will fill his belly and put a smile back on his dial. Don’t hate me.

Dear working mum who can juggle a career, the gym, family life and still make dinner happen,

I salute you big time but please be mindful when you make sneaky comments on my huge number of sick days as I’m trying to cope with toddler sickness, my sickness and my mental health.

Dear mum whose baby’s sleep routine is top notch,

I can’t even begin to understand how you did that. I’m not lazy but that’s a lot of hard work, so well done. My child doesn’t have a routine and I don’t mind it. But don’t tell me that my child ‘should’ be sleeping when he’s clearly not tired. I think I know.

Dear ‘I-don’t-co-sleep’ mum,

That’s cool. We all have to do what works for us. I love my cuddles, smiles and kisses before bed…. and in the morning…  and throughout the night. We really shouldn’t compare our children.

Dear very eloquent mum,

I’m actually amazed that you haven’t sworn at your child… or even in front of your child. I don’t mean to most days but it does slip out and sometimes he truly is being an arse. But you know and I know and he knows too, I love him to the moon and back and then back again, so who cares right? Right?

Dear ‘I don’t smack my kids’ mum,  

No one wants to hurt their kids. And smacking is emotionally quite hard for the parents too. How do I know? Because I have given my little love a few little smacks too, along with timeouts and ‘discussions’ and cuddles. And he is the love of my life, but I need to make sure I do what I feel is right to make sure he grows up a decent human. And if other things work for you, then keep it up!

Dear mum of another child,

We may parent differently but we all love our kids immeasurably. So if you see me doing or saying something that isn’t aligned with your parenting style, just smile anyway because us mums, we need to stick together.