Prep at Pacific Hills Christian School in Dural is an entry point into school for children aged 4 or 5, with daily rountines and learning programs that prepare them for ‘big school’. The school welcomes prospective parents at any time for a personal tour as it’s the best way to see the school on an authentic school day.

Why Prep?

Starting school is a wonderful time for children and their parents. It is a milestone event that brings together all the developmental learning in those precious early years and sets your child on a new journey.

Prep at Pacific Hills Christian School is an entry point into school for children aged 4 or 5. The Prep program is a lot like ‘big school’ with routines and innovative learning programs. It also provides the benefits of a small, nurturing pre-school environment where young children feel safe to explore their surroundings, to play and make new friends.

Head of Junior School, Mr Scott Cousins, answers some questions about the Prep program and starting school.

Q: How does Prep prepare children for school?

Prep is an integrated part of the Junior School. The Prep students benefit from daily routines that occur in school such as arriving with their older siblings, wearing a school uniform, and carrying their school bag. They visit the library and can even order lunch from the school canteen. These small but significant actions help prepare the children for school in a realistic and well supported way. Prep also enjoy the assemblies and special events that occur in our Junior School and participate in the positive behaviour program with the older students.

Q: What do children do in Prep?

Play is an important part of the Prep day. Structured and unstructured play allows the children to learn social skills, develop fine and gross motor skills and, most of all, it is great fun. Throughout the day, Prep children will engage in a range of lessons that focus on literacy and numeracy skills in preparation for Kindergarten. All learning is based around the NESA Early Stage One Curriculum – this is Kindergarten curriculum that is adjusted to meet the needs of the pre-school aged learners. The Junior School specialist teachers also visit Prep to teach music, creative arts, sport and STEM lessons.

Q: What facilities does Pacific Hills offer?

The Prep children enjoy their very own playground which includes a giant sandpit, trampoline, cubby houses and a purpose-built bike track. One classroom is setup to engage the children in formal learning whilst the other room provides space for creative activities that are typically a little messy, such as painting and craft. The children share these learning spaces across the two Prep classes. Outside of the Prep facilities, the Junior School has a beautiful library facility, art rooms and music rooms and a wonderful sports field with plenty of space to run. Prep have access to these learning spaces and benefit from the experience of walking to the Junior School facilities as a class, under teacher supervision. It is a bit like an excursion but within the school grounds.

Q: What is special about Pacific Hills?

Pacific Hills is an authentic Christian School where community is very important. We aim for excellence in teaching, learning, and serving. At our heart is the desire to do the very best we can for our students. We want them to grow in wisdom and knowledge, and to have strength in character. Every child has the capacity to contribute positively to their school and to contribute to their home life. In partnership with parents, we aim to provide opportunities for our students to learn together and give to those around them by using their various gifts and abilities.

 Q; What if a parent wanted to visit the Prep classroom or learn more about the Junior School?

We have ‘Open Day, Every Day’ at Pacific Hills. I would encourage anyone who would like to learn more about the Prep class, or any part of the school, to make contact with our Registrar, Marie-Louise FitzGerald. We would be happy to show you around the School and answer any questions. Most visitors recognise that the Junior School is a special place, it has a wonderful, welcoming feel. Our students are very special, they are kind and friendly and show great respect for one another and adults. This is something to be experienced and a personal tour is the only way to truly know this.

More information is available at, by calling 9651 0700 or emailing Appointments are available most weekdays between 9am and 1.15pm.

Pacific Hills Christian School

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