Join the professional illustrator for a school holiday workshop where you’ll learn some character design basics, create a character collectively, receive some one-on-one feedback and incorporate some stress-relieving mindfulness practices through drawing.

Sifting through books in the “art” section of a small book store in Kiama, Jordan Morpeth found this book named “Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing: A Creative Path to Awareness” by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh. Upon reading through the book in less than two days and testing out the exercises, he
realised that the methods that Wendy has shared in this book can be used and translated to a character design class for kids and adults, to help them use drawing as a tool to slow down, take a deep breathe and destress. So Jordan built a class to help teach children and parents to use drawing and their own flavour of creativity, as a mindfulness practice. He created a class for parents to spend fun time with their kids and learn to draw some cool characters in the process.

As a professional illustrator, one of the things that lights Jordan up is designing and creating his own characters. While learning from experts and soaking in all of the knowledge about character design, he noticed there were a few simple techniques and ideas that anyone can use to create characters and in turn learn to draw like all the greats.

These 3 techniques include:
1. Shapes
2. Colours
3. Silhouettes

Combining these three elements not only simplifies the drawing and character design process but empowers the artist to not get bogged down in the complexities of the character design process. Jordan has distilled these techniques into a simplified and understandable version so both adults and children, no matter what place they are in their drawing experience, can understand and integrate these into their creative process.

These three techniques, when coupled with the mindfulness drawing skills, have advanced his drawing skills and helped him progress as a professional. They have also decreased his stress levels and helped him work through own difficult emotions, especially when used before he sits down to draw.

Mindfulness Drawing – about the workshops

This program is for children aged 7-14 and parents are also welcome to join. Learn some character design basics and create a character collectively
along with some one-on-one feedback. The classes are bookended with some mindfulness practices to help kids add some stress relief through drawing to their toolkit.

Who: Kids aged 7-14 years. Parents welcome too!

Where: The Lake Neighbourhood Centre, The Ponds

When: Monday 21 December, 10am – 1pm & Tues 22 December, 12 – 3pm. (Classes will also run in the final week of the school holidays – register your interest so you can be informed of dates when they’re made available.)

Book tickets by calling 0431 382 279.

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