Westmead Fertility Centre believes all Australians should have access to high quality fertility care at an affordable price. If you’re starting your fertility journey you can attend a free information seminar at the Centre.

Westmead Fertility Centre has been offering fertility treatment for more than 30 years and has helped thousands of couples and individuals over this time. The Centre is wholly owned by the University of Sydney, which makes it very different from any other fertility clinic in Australia. The Centre’s scientific team holds some of the highest qualifications in the country and their work is driven by the latest developments in fertility technologies and methodologies to give you the best chance of success.

When you embark on your fertility journey, you’ll quickly become aware that there are a number of fertility clinics from which you can choose, each with very different scientific and clinical capabilities, experience levels and models of care. Westmead Fertility Centre has the proven track record that you are looking for.

You can start your fertility journey a number of ways with Westmead Fertility. Choose the path that’s right for you or contact the Centre for guidance:

1 – ask a fertility nurse a question. Click here to do this.

2 – attend a fertility information seminar. Westmead Fertility Centre holds regular free fertility information seminars at Westmead Hospital or around the Sydney metropolitan area. These informal presentations are a good way for you to meet some of the key team members, including fertility specialists, fertility nurses and embryologists. Click here for more information on seminars and to register.

3 – book a fertility specialist consultation. Click here to learn more about the Centre’s team of fertility specialists and choose one who is right for you.

Visit westmeadfertilitycentre.com.au for further information including a range of frequently asked questions, information on costs & rebates and latest research.

Westmead Fertility Centre
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