NSW’s largest not-for-profit private hospital, Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San) and Australia’s largest not-for-profit private health insurer, HCF, have joined forces to guarantee Australia’s first end-to-end no-gap obstetric care package for HCF members!

The San & HCF pregnancy and birth package, (called Swaddle by the San), is the result of a collaborative effort between HCF, Sydney Adventist Hospital and its medical specialists such as obstetricians, paediatricians, anaesthetists and ultrasound providers to provide a no-gap experience for parents across the entire pregnancy journey.

It’s available to HCF members with appropriate maternity cover who have served the 12 month waiting period – you can find out more information by joining the San’s free webinar on June 17 at 7.30pm (register here) or from the San’s website.

One mum’s experience

Hornsby Heights mum-to-be Katherine is taking advantage of the new Swaddle pregnancy and birth package. Having used her private health insurance for her first baby, Katherine has saved thousands of dollars this time around with her second baby, while still being able to return to the San for its excellent pre and post natal care – something that was really important to her.

“Medical negligence is one of the areas of law I have had a lot of experience in. This was one of the reasons I chose Dr Booker and had a caesarean section when my daughter Anastasia was born. It is a very personal choice and I appreciate that the San Hospital and HCF are helping make that even easier now with my second child.

Hearing about this initiative has given me more flexibility to take time off to settle my newborn child into the family. It’s obvious that HCF, the San Hospital and my obstetrician Dr Booker all share the same values that my husband and I hold surrounding choice and certainty.”

Well known San Obstetrician Dr Andrew Booker is also thrilled to be able to offer the bundle. An obstetrician for over 15 years who has delivered over 3700 babies, Dr Booker says he was motivated to join the new package because the close bond that develops during pregnancy gives him insight into families.

“Obstetrics and gynaecology is often a lifelong relationship as you look after women before they are pregnant, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. Over many years you develop great friendships with your patients and with their entire families. I’ve seen that often during pregnancies and particularly first pregnancies, people are often doing other financially stressful things. They are in the time of their life where they are dealing with mortgages, moving, renovations, and adding extra rooms and all those financial pressures add up.

So to be able to contain their obstetrics costs where they pay absolutely nothing out-of-pocket will be really helpful for the families to plan and not give them any unexpected surprises. I think it’s brilliant.”

Some of the obstetricians including Dr Andrew Booker (front row, far left) participating in the San Hospital Swaddle San Baby Bundle package.

Find out more information at click here.

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