We are well and truly in winter and classes and activities (particularly those indoors) are great for little ones and their carers! Classes are a great option even if your baby is quite young – they get you out and about and they give you ideas for interacting and playing with your little one. Then as your baby grows, classes can be really beneficial to their development.

Then once your child is on the move and starts talking they become better at listening and following instructions. They also start to become less dependent on you. When choosing a class each parent will have different ideas of what they’re looking for and what area/s they want their child to develop. Above all, we like for our little ones to have fun and enjoy themselves! Here are some activities ideal for up to 2.5 years.

This guide is specifically for children under the age of 2.5 years.  If you have an older child you might want to check out our general Activities and Classes Guide here.


Play ‘N’ Move is an interactive play and movement class for babies 6 months to 15 months old. The 45 minute sessions include story time and puppet shows, music and movement, interactive play and parachute activities. Play ‘N’ Move activities stimulate your baby’s imagination, encourage a sense of play and creativity, enhance learning, nurture developmental skills and above all are fun! At 14 months old the little ones then graduate to Art ‘N’ Move. Art ‘N’ Move is a combination of music, dramatic play, story time, art, craft and interactive play all rolled into a 45 minute class.  Read our detailed story on Art ‘N’ Move here.

Location: Bella Vista  |  Contact: Lina 0419 971 901  |  artnmove.com.au

Special offer: Sign up with a friend for the term and get $10 off per enrolment.



Little Kickers teaches fundamental football techniques and elementary life skills in a vibrant, group play environment.  Children can start as young as 18 months old.

We have four different football classes each tailored to a different age group. However, we have two core beliefs that we take into every session.

Firstly, we believe in something we call “Play not Push”. It means teaching football in a fun, pressure-free environment. We want to give children a positive introduction to sport as a whole, not just football, so they’re more likely to stay healthy and active throughout their lives.

Secondly, we believe football can be educational. Coached in the right way it can stimulate imagination and aid early development skills such as learning colours and numbers, following instructions, and playing as a team.

We are a non-term program, you can join at any time!! (subject to availability)

Locations: Kellyville and Dural

Contact: 9653 3393 or email hillsoffice@littlekickers.com.au  |  Enrol online at www.littlekickers.com.au

Special offer: Enrol for a 12 week course and receive a 13th week free!



Does your child love music? Join Little Seed Music for UNLIMITED* Kindermusik classes during Term 3!

Did you know? One of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain is music.

Jam-packed sensory rich classes let kids be kids and your trained licensed Kindermusik Educator shows parents how (and why) music and movement activities can be used at home, along with the tools, tips and resources to do so. Together we’ll sing, dance, giggle, hop, travel on imaginative adventures, cuddle, play instruments, share ideas, read stories and celebrate the uniqueness of each child with research-based curriculum. It’s our goal to make parenting as easy as possible for you and childhood as fun and beneficial as possible for your children.

Babies (0-1yr) – Whether your baby is five weeks or five months, this class will be perfect for you!  With age-appropriate activities for newborns, infants and crawlers, this parent-child music and movement class will help you strengthen those early parent-child bonds, understand your baby’s development, and heavily focus on child development and communication with your baby. 

Toddlers (1-2yrs) – Get ready for a high-energy music class designed to be just right for very young children.  Our Kindermusik curriculum focuses on your child’s beginning movement, helping to build the muscles your young toddler needs to walk, run, and climb; and on vocal development, helping to nurture your child’s speaking and singing voice. A special mix of both parent-child joint activities and child-focused activities, you’ll be able to join right in on all the singing and dancing while also getting the chance to observe how your young toddler learns on his or her own.

Wiggle & Grow (2-3yrs) – Each week your child will love singing, dancing and playing instrument with you and their new friends. You’ll love helping your little one practice a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills and active listening.

*Please see littleseedmusic.com.au for terms & conditions.

Location: Dural and Cherrybrook  |  Contact: Kirsten 0404 486 363  |  littleseedmusic.com.au

Special offer: Join us for UNLIMITED* classes during Term 3. PLUS, Mention HDM and we’ll waive your annual registration fee.  



The Little Gym is more than just tummy time, climbing, running, jumping and forward rolls. Lessons learned at The Little Gym will help your child at home and prepare them for child care and kindy by enhancing their ability to learn, cooperate and handle structure.

Classes focus on three key areas:

  • Get moving – to foster flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.
  • Brain boost – to nurture listening skills, concentration and decision-making.
  • Citizen kid – to promote sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership abilities.

Bugs – ages 4 – 10 months – In our Bugs classes you and your child will explore a variety of movements, arm and leg exercises and special attention to developing you baby’s core strength.  Exploring new grounds safely together will increase trust and confidence in both you and your child, with lots of exploration, ball play, music, song and bubbles and of course lots and lots of FUN!!

Birds –  ages 10 – 18 months – With singing, playing and exploring, our 3-Dimensional approach to learning not only develops their physical skills, but their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Now that your child is on the move, climbing and investigating everything in sight, our safe, unique environment enables your child to meet new explorers, build strength, and develop coordination.

Beast/Super Beasts – 18 – 36 months – Children at this age are on the move-quicker, stronger and faster. They’re ready to learn more complex movements in the “Vertical world”: introductory sports skills, loco motor skills with perceptual challenges, jumping off raised platforms onto their feet, creative movement challenges, and beginning tumbling skills. These toddlers also begin to develop a greater understanding of “self” and experience feelings of pride, confidence, and independence.

How to enrol at one of our locations:

Dural – call 02 8443 0160 or email dural@thelittlegym.com.au

Bella Vista – call 9836 5545 or email bellavista@thelittlegym.com.au

Special offer: $50 Membership Fee will be waived if enrolling for 1 year. Just mention this article.



JUMP! was founded to create a private teaching facility for babies, infants and children to learn to swim, away from the vast numbers at public facilities. JUMP! provides a clean, modern and private indoor facility which is heated throughout the year.

JUMP! provides a unique service. Due to the small, private nature of our swim school, teachers are able to focus on each child as an individual. This allows them to build trust with the child and help students build their confidence, which in turn accelerates their swimming development.

The JUMP! point of difference

  • Facilities are designed to provide the best learn to swim environment throughout Australia.
  • With a maximum of two classes run at once in a small, private, indoor facility, the ideal learning environment for young children is created.
  • The level of personal attention means relationships are developed which build trust and confidence.
  • The goal is to teach your baby the fundamental swimming skills of conditioning, buoyancy, floating and breath control.
  • Parent and baby lessons have a maximum of six babies per class, so each child’s needs can be catered for.
  • The progress of every child is maximised through the three pillared teaching philosophy of ‘Prepare, Instruct, Praise’.

Location: Bella Vista  |  Contact: 02 8814 1394  |  jumpswimschools.com.au

Special offer: 2 FREE lessons for HDMs valued at $38! Just mention this article.



Our Jigsaw Juniors are lead on a journey of imagination, creation and education. Along the way, our dancers develop new skills, confidence and friendships through the passionate guidance of our teachers.  We encourage creative thinking and exploration while our dancers get to feel a sense of pride, excitement and fun and most importantly feel like the most important dancer in the room.

Our program incorporates multilayered elements of dance, drama, games, props …but most of all, lots of fun and laughter. This program has been specifically developed to enhance strength, flexibility, co-ordination & dance technique.


Classes start from $10/30mins with discounts for multiple classes.

Location: Castle Hill & Kellyville  |  Contact: 0412 687 890 or 02 9634 1725  |  jigsawdance.com.au

Special offers: Free trial class available. Also, 50% off membership for all HDMs. Just mention this article.



GymbaROO provides active and appropriate movement opportunities that enable your baby, toddler, and pre-school aged child to explore, develop, practice and refine skills essential for healthy neurological development. The structured program is based on 30 years of research and development and is designed to ensure your child develops the essential foundations for school readiness.

Classes are developmentally age appropriate and loads of fun! Bring your child along to crawl, creep, jump, hop, swing, roll, tumble, hang, climb, sing and dance their way to healthy physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

We have classes covering all developmental stages, from 8 weeks – 5yrs old.  Classes range from 45 mins – 60 mins, and cover Massage, Exercise, Reflex Inhibition, Body Awareness, Music, Rhythm, Dance, Fun and Games… Just to mention a few things. Each class gets 20 mins in our specially designed gym during class with help and guidance from your highly trained, professional teacher.

BabyROO:  8 weeks – 6 months (Non-Mobile). Focus: Natural movement patterns, massage, exercise, reflex stimulation, muscle stimulation, auditory & visual work, tummy time. 6 months – 12 months (Mobile). Focus: Reflex inhibition, exercise, movement, core strength, co-ordination, muscle stimulation.

GymbaROO: 12 months – 18 months (Fairy Penguins). Focus: Balance, reflex inhibition, movement, muscle stimulation, rhythm. 18 months – 2 years (Koalas). Focus: Climbing, hanging, reflex inhibition, bi-lateral movement, strength, gross motor movement, rhythm. 2 – 3 years (Wallabies & Kangaroos). Focus: Co-ordination, lateralisation, jumping, strength, rhythm, gross motor movement, fine motor movement, focus, concentration, brachiation.

Location: Castle Hill and Rouse Hill  |  Contact: 0404 481 529  |  gymbaroothehills.com.au

Special offer: 10% discount on your first term fee’s for you AND a friend when you enrol together. New students only! Must mention this article.




Dancing with Maree is a fresh and vibrant dance school for children and teenagers.  Our family centred studio has a strong emphasis on technique and performance whilst also encouraging enjoyment and friendship. Our classes are physically and mentally challenging, aiming to increase the heart rate while at the same time encourages learning of co-ordination and rhythm. We have a strong philosophy based on companionship and the support of peers and team members.

Dancing with Maree’s greatest asset are the teachers who work at our school. They not only have an infatuation with dance but thrive on seeing their students grow and achieve on a weekly basis. All our teachers are industry professionals who are fully qualified and have extensive knowledge and experience in both education and dance.

Young children (aged 2-5 years) start in our Little Dancers program.  Our little dancers focus on rhythm, co-ordination and movement and they begin to learn the art of jazz, tap and classical ballet in a fun and safe learning environment.

Classes are held at Normanhurst on Wednesday mornings and Kellyville on Friday mornings.

Location: Kellyville and Normanhurst

info@dancingwithmaree.com.au  |  ph 0412 85 84 83  |   dancingwithmaree.com.au

Special offer: Little Dancers classes for $8 – just mention you are an HDM!

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