Injured child or hurt yourself on the weekend? Weekend sport or activities can bring with it an unwanted injury. No one wants to wait until Monday morning for a diagnosis or treatment.  That’s why the brand new Rouse Hill Orthopaedics has opened a walk-in weekend Sports Injury Clinic, designed to get you or your child back on your feet after a weekend injury.

Many parents are not sure where to turn to after a weekend injury, confused about whether they should head to the Emergency Department and wait 4 to 6 hours or wait until Monday for a doctor review. Rouse Hill Orthopaedics’ new service can alleviate the worry and fast track treatment.

Rouse Hill Orthopaedics’ surgeons operate out of multiple private and public hospitals in the area and are affiliated with local and professional sports clubs. They provide a high level of expertise and individualised patient care for acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems in all areas of the body.

If you love playing netball, football, soccer, rugby or any other weekend sports and activities, and you don’t want an injury to hold you back, then drop into the weekend sports clinic where you’ll have immediate access to specialised orthopaedic surgeons, on-site allied health services and on-site radiology services.

The sports clinic treats sports and orthopaedic injuries such as broken bones and fractures, cuts and lacerations, joint pain and muscle strains and sprains.

The clinic runs from 10am – 2pm every Saturday. No waiting around in the emergency room – the one stop clinic for injuries will have you seen in no time.

Rouse Hill Orthopaedics + Sports Injury Clinic

4-7 Commercial Road, Rouse Hill (near The Fiddler) – plenty of parking on site   |   Ph: 1300 215 500   |