Thinkers Bonkers runs science enrichment that sharpens kids’ thinking and process skills.

*concept teaching   *experiments   *model making   *role play   *puzzles

In the near future, most jobs will require a skill set that is STEM based. It will be a prominent aspect in our lives. So how do you give your child an edge for the future? Enrol them in the Thinkers Bonkers Science Journey! This program presents Science learning as exciting, engaging and meaningful. In these sessions, students will have guided Science Inquiry lessons that hinge on children’s natural curiosity and existing mental models of Science concepts.

And for busy parents and families, the program is run on Saturdays so you don’t have to squeeze anything else in after school on weekdays! Programs commence on Saturday 15 February.

Hi Science (Kindy – Year 2), 11.30am-1.30pm

Tinker Science (Year 3- 5), 2.30pm-4.30pm

Term 1 runs from 15 Feb to 4 April.

8 enriching & engaging sessions per term at Castle Hill.

Register at www.thinkersbonkers.com.au and call 0450 952 507 to find out more!