Toys everywhere? Whifty Whiff is here to keep your playroom tidy! Pre-order your copy of Whifty Whiff today for 25% off and free delivery within Australia. 

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“Whifty Whiff, the lovable creature, is ready to explore. But after taking Lucy’s things, is he the creature you adore?!”

Written and illustrated by Kellyville dad, Paul Marryatt, Whifty Whiff is about a young girl called Lucy who doesn’t clean up her toys. As a result, the cheeky Whifty decides to play with, and take home, Lucy’s toys, leaving behind his trademark ‘pong’! Once he hears Lucy crying however, Whifty is filled with remorse and magically returns her toys. Lucy is once more joyful and has learnt an important lesson to always tidy up after herself.

Whifty Whiff creates the perfect opportunity for parents to talk to their young children about self-sufficiency. With detailed and realistic illustrations, as well as rhythmic and catchy storytelling, the book captures children’s attention and introduces the concept of tidying up in a fun and light manner. Written for children aged 2 to 7 years old.

Whifty Whiff is the first book in a multi-part series chronicling adventures of Whifty Whiff and will be available in all good bookstores from June 2018, including Dymocks Castle Hill, Booktopia, Book Depository and Angus and Robertson.

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