Belinda Nadwie is a talented local artist and mum of three gorgeous kids. She’s influenced by colour, life, love, patterns, nature & happiness. She’s been awarded Art Lovers Australia’s People’s Choice Winner and has just had her artwork featured on this season of The Block! Belinda talks to us about her creativity, passions and process. 

Belinda’s piece ‘Deeply Connected’ that has just appeared on The Block.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a happily married mum of three wonderful children. Me personally…….well I like the simple pleasures. I love nature and natural things like swimming in the ocean and feeling salt on my face. I enjoy absorbing the warm sun and feeling at one with nature. I really enjoy a burning hot bath with a book and a glass of red all at the same time.  I love to op shop and find quirky clothing plus I love the recycling side of it, as I am not a fan of fast fashion. Travelling is one of my greatest joys; I have been to many countries and plan to take my family to many more. Plus, I like to holiday a little differently, spontaneously and non-planned, so that we can find those off beat places that you never forget. The bustle of Asia is one of my favourites and we love to get lost there.

You’re a talented artist. How do you manage the artistic you and mum life?

Thank you! It’s amazing what you can do when your passion is the driving force. Being a Mum is an absolute pleasure (most of the time) and now that two of the kids are at school I have more time to spend painting. My day is hectic and I don’t seem to have lots of time for friendships during the week, which I miss.

A normal day would be waking early, making lunches and getting the kids fed and dressed for the day. After taking the kids to school or preschool, I head to the gym for fitness and more so my mental sanity. It definitely clears my head and gives me the energy to paint with gusto. By about 10.15am I’m back and in my studio painting my heart out until school pick up or I have to cook dinner. Luckily for me my husband helps A LOT. He helps me in my studio making canvases and shipping out paintings plus with the household chores and with the kids. This allows me to spend as much time as I can to grow our business.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My art is mostly driven by intuition without preconception and is very feelings based. I choose a positive outlook on life and embrace being at peace with oneself and therefore hopefully this reflects through my work. Most of my works are non representational but there are moments when hints of the enduring force of nature flicker across my canvas. I am totally open to whatever comes to me on each different day. I do take on commission works which I also enjoy as it is quite a challenge trying to create someone else’s vision and bring it to life.

What do your kids think of your ‘job’?

My kids think it is pretty cool and fun. I have to remind them that I work from home and that means I cannot ‘play’ all the time. They get excited when I finish a painting or a client comes over to see their finished painting. They always want to ‘help’ which is nice but I’ve to set firm boundaries about what they can and can’t do. They do wash my brushes and sometimes I let them paint the primer on the canvas but they usually end up covered in paint!

Those that don’t have an artistic bone on their body are fascinated by artists! Do you ever experience a lack of creativity?

There never seems to be a lack of creativity but there are certainly days that are harder than some. For example, if I’m feeling flat, I must be careful what I do as I could ruin a painting that I have been working on. On my flat days I tend to do paperwork or tedious jobs that don’t require much artistic flair and save the free spirited stuff for those awesome days where I am bouncing. By doing exercise I can definitely up my mood and give myself a kick in the right direction.

You’re from Queensland originally – how did you end up in the Hills?

Yes! Funny story! I grew up on the Gold Coast and went to school there. After I spent some years travelling the world and working overseas, I came back home to settle. At the time I was working for a game show promotion company and I travelled to Parramatta for a trade show event. My colleague and friend, who was originally from Sydney, decided to take me out for dinner after work. We were eating pizza in a Parramatta restaurant and I could hear a ruckus next door, which sounded very much like Karaoke. Now I’m a bit partial to jumping on stage and having a good old sing song and, as I didn’t know ANYONE there, I thought…”What the heck!”. The place (One World Sports Bar) was PACKED! My friend and I ended up squished into a corner of the bar flicking through the karaoke book with my now husband and his uncle. I did manage to embarrass myself by singing Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn in the very worst way possible but hey, he still married me!

What are you most proud of?

I still have to pinch myself that I am a professional artist and do what I absolutely love to do everyday. I remember how hard it was in High School to contemplate what on earth I wanted to do with my life because I always wanted to be creative but had no idea how to turn that into a career. The fact that it HAS become my career is due to the driving force of my passion, an inevitable fate really. I am proud that I got through those difficult days and was able to be guided to where I am now along side my wonderful husband and gorgeous kids.

What do you love about being a mum?

It wasn’t until I met my husband that I realised I wanted to be a mum. My best friend always thought I would never have children as it was never on my mind. When I met Michael and saw his love and want for children it made me want to have a family with him. Now that I am lucky enough to be a mum I couldn’t imagine life any differently. I love being needed by my children and I love being their secure safe place of comfort and unconditional love. They fulfil my life with their love.

What do you like to do on weekends with your family?

As a family we like to go caravanning and spending time in nature unwinding and living minimally. We enjoy quality time doing the simple things like sitting in the sand at the beach or riding our scooters. Having kids wasn’t easy for us so we really treasure this time in our lives just absorbing the kids and their growing minds. Family is my number one priority but I also love to paint.

What words of wisdom would you give to budding artists or those wanting to do more with their creativity?

I say the same thing to my young children. Embrace your quirks and your differences. Be empowered that you are different and channel that into something that truly makes you happy.

Belinda’s work is available via her website and she also does commissions. Prints of her work are sold via United Interiors.