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“Change is possible, things can get better.
Sometimes we just need a helping hand.”

For the last decade Revive has provided safe, compassionate and empowering support to men, women and children as they journey through life’s changes and challenges. If you are looking to begin or continue your life transformation, or you are ready to start achieving your life goals, get in touch today. Face to face and online appointments available. Rebates available with some private health insurance providers. More details available at
Suburb: Dural
A Window Opens Counselling Services
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Ladies, does this sound familiar?

You’re always saying yes (when you really want to say no).
You’re constantly apologising (even when it’s not your fault).
You agree with everyone (because you find it difficult to speak up).

How different would your life be if you started saying yes to yourself rather than everyone else?

Hi, I’m Rachel Hows, a professional online counsellor. I support women to stop being people pleasers and to start valuing themselves.

Not sure if you’re a people pleaser?
Go to my website and do the Are you a People Pleaser? Quiz.
It includes 3 ways to value yourself.
Crystal Healing Yoga
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Business Name: Crystal Healing Yoga
Home based holistic health and well-being space offering Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Healing Massages, Holistic Counselling and Past Life Regression Therapy.
Suburb: Castle Hill
Calmbirth With Kat Aquilina
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I am a Registered Midwife and Registered Calmbirth Educator offering pregnant couples’ the Calmbirth Program in the Hawkesbury region. My passion is education and empowering couples to feel as prepared as they possibly can, not only for labour and birth, but beyond.

Calmbirth® is Australia’s most highly acclaimed, recommended, TRUSTED and scientifically proven childbirth education program in Australia.

Calmbirth is a holistic program that empowers couples to work through their labour and birth journey together, emotionally, mentally and physically.

* Calmbirth® provides you with all the knowledge, confidence and tools you need to have a positive birth experience.

* To work together and feel supported by your partner to birth your child in any birth situation.

* Calmbirth® teaches your partner how to support you emotionally, and how to be your ‘guardian of space’ during pregnancy, labour and birth.

* Calmbirth® empowers you to make informed decisions with your caregivers about birth choices.

* Calmbirth® helps you feel safe, calm and confident to birth your baby irrespective of how you birth.

* Calmbirth® teaches you about the prenatal bonding, the importance of skin to skin and postnatal bonding, self care and ways to nourish the new mother, and awakens you to the concept of conscious parenting.

*Calmbirth® teaches you how to nurture your connection to your unborn child and ‘plants the seed’ for ways to strengthen that connection in your transition into parenthood.

* Calmbirth® teaches you self empowerment – how to be an active participant in your birth and gives your birth support partners the tools to support you.

* It teaches you how to access your inner resources and gives you the confidence to use them to assist you in pregnancy, labour and birth – embracing birth as a natural part of life.

*The Calmbirth Program is evidence based and founded on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics; and uses the extensive understanding of the relaxation response and its influence on birth.

Calmbirth is also one of the first childbirth education programs to be evidence based, clinically and scientifically proven to:
* reduce the rates of medical intervention
* reduce the use of pain relief and epidurals during childbirth
* reduce the impact of perinatal anxiety and postnatal depression in women after childbirth, and
* enrich their birth experience as positive, irrespective of how they birth.

The Calmbirth® program is suitable for first time or subsequent births; for couples who’ve had a challenging birth experience and would like their other birth experience to be different; as well as for couples who know they’ll be having a caesarean.

To find out more about upcoming classes or to book directly please visit my profile at

If you would like more information about Calmbirth, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Suburb: Oakville
Other Locations: Hawkesbury
Active Mum
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Business Name: Active Mum
We are not a classical gym. We are a village where real women can connect without judgement. There are no taboos. It’s a safe place for all mums and mums to be to work on their health, fitness and mindset.

And your children can be part of the program! Connect with your little ones and be active at the same time.

We are the experts in pre, post natal & women’s exercise. We are known for our world-class standards in helping women rebuild their bodies, fitness and strength. Working with pelvic floor weakness, prolapse, abdominal separation and back & pelvic pain are all second nature to us.
Suburb: Castle Hill
Other Locations: Manly