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In October 2012 we created a Facebook group known as Hills District Mums. The idea was to form a small online mothers’ group for the Hills area where local mums could meet ‘virtually’ and discuss baby and kids’ stuff, motherhood, parenting and anything else that took our fancy. The group would provide a place where mums could ask for advice, share recommendations and make connections with other mums in the Hills District. We thought the group may have a couple of hundred members, maybe 500 tops. Fast forward to now. The Hills District Mums Facebook group comprises over 14,000 members and is growing every day! In addition to the Facebook Group, our Facebook page has more than 12,800 followers, our Instagram account has over 4,800 followers and we have more 3,000 subscribers to our newsletter.

In March 2015, we launched a Hills District Mums website! Hillsdistrictmums.com.au offers many of the features and information found in the Facebook group but in an easier to find format and location. In the group, common posts about recommendations for a cleaner, personal trainer or plumber would get swallowed up in the fast moving traffic. Here, the information can be easily found in our business guide. Mums like to get recommendations from other mums so we’d love you to review your favourite local businesses! And if you’re a local business, we’d love to have you as part of our HDM community too!

But hillsdistrictmums.com.au is more than a directory. It’s an extension of the supportive community that exists within our Facebook group. You’ll find all sorts of information on the site – from activities to do with your little ones in the Hills to regular special offers from local businesses just for Hills District Mums, recipes, reviews of local cafes and restaurants, and lots more. You’ll also find interesting ‘mum’ stuff too – some factual, some serious and importantly, some funny. If we’ve learnt anything from our fabulous Facebook group, it’s that mums love a laugh, in fact it’s vital to their survival! We hope you enjoy being a part of the HDM community!

– Justine and Jenni

Hills District Mums

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