8 days in as a first time school mum

Are you a first time school mum with a little one starting school? It's a huge deal for the whole family! We're one year on now but we still laugh at our first couple of weeks as Official School Mums! Read more

Starting big school – what to expect

So you’re a brand new school mum - exciting! You’re probably feeling a mixture of elation, nerves and trepidation about what lies ahead for both you and your child. Here are a few things to anticipate over the coming weeks. Read more

Sydney swimming spots

Sydney is full of beautiful spots to swim and they're not all surf beaches by the coast. Here's a list of some of our favourites, perfect for a day trip over summer! Read more

Don’t miss

Tara Open Day 2019

Visit the school on Saturday 9 March, 12pm - 3pm for a rich and engaging program of events, talk with the students, teachers and the Principal, enjoy performances and participate in a school tour. Read more

2020 Hills Grammar scholarships are open

Hills Grammar offers annual scholarships for students entering Years 7 and 11. Applications for 2020 Hills Grammar Academic and Strive for Excellence Scholarships close on Friday 22 February. Read more

3 simple ways to lower your energy bill

Having a family takes a lot of energy and electricity is just one of many expenses that can add up to a lot of money and a big headache. Here are three top tips to being more energy wise. Read more

Things to do on rainy days

Do you and your busy little ones go stir crazy when it rains for a few days? If you still like to get out each day with your little one even when it's raining, here are some ideas for things to do in the Hills and surrounds that won't leave you drenched! Read more

HDM Party Guide | Spring 2018/Summer 2019

Here's our Party Guide for the upcoming party season! There's something for every child, with a huge range of local businesses offering fun venues, entertainment and supplies to help you organise the party of the year! Read more

Wannabees Hornsby

If you have a child that loves imaginary play, then Wannabees is the place for them! It's way more than your average playcentre, it's a child size town with replica shops, amenities and props where kids can role play for hours on end! Read more

Box Hill | The Gables | New playgrounds

With 3 new playgrounds opened within the last year and families moving in, The Gables in Box Hill is starting to come to life! The playgrounds are fresh, clean, new and a little different! Here are the details of each playground. Read more


The Bells Road Social | Oatlands

In addition to great food and excellent coffee, The Bells Road Social is located right next door to a brand new playground! Whether you’re with your family, friends or just on your own, this trendy little cafe is a great place to visit. Here's why we love it. Read more

Cafes with play areas: The Hills, Sydney

Cafes with play areas on site or nearby come in very handy when you're wanting to finish a coffee and a conversation in relative peace! Here's our updated list with a couple of great new local options. Read more

What is family mediation?

Separating from a spouse or partner can be extremely difficult and it's common to disagree on important aspects such as care of children and division of property and other assets. This is where mediation can be beneficial. But what does it involve and where do you start? Read more
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