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Hills Grammar Open Day: Friday 6 April

The Hills Grammar Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to see Hills Grammar ‘in action’. Meet parents, staff and students, tour the facilities and view a normal learning and teaching day. Read more

HDM Party Guide – Autumn/Winter 2018

Here's our Party Guide for Autumn/Winter 2018. There's something for every child, with a huge range of local businesses offering fun venues, entertainment and supplies to help you organise the party of the year! Read more

Things to do as a family

Weekends are precious for many families and sometimes it's nice to go out and do something all together rather than get bogged down in chores and jobs around the house. Here are some ideas for spending quality time as a family. Read more


HDM visits Quoi Dining

A new fine dining restaurant is now open in the Hills, offering locals the opportunity to stay local and enjoy excellent food at the same time. Read more

HDM visits Cod’s Gift

The second instalment from the team at Wolfe & Co. is now open. It's great to welcome a restaurant and bar like this in the area and we're picturing great cocktails and delicious seafood ahead for Hills locals. Enjoy! Read more

8 days in as a first time school mum

Are you a first time school mum with a little one starting school? It's a huge deal for the whole family! We're one year on now but we still laugh at our first couple of weeks as Official School Mums! Read more
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