School holidays

The Brewery | school holiday activities

The Brewery is hosting heaps of fun activities these school holidays! From disco fun and Winter Olympics, to magicians and Hawaiian pizza making, there's something for everyone to enjoy! Be sure to book. Read more

Winter at Rouse Hill House & Farm

The winter program at Rouse Hill House & Farm is full of fun experiences to entertain the kids and enjoy as a family! From a LEGO® exhibition to bush tucker workshops, the Family Fair to stargazing– there’s something to suit the interests of every child.  Read more


Don’t miss

FREE Kids’ Health Public Seminar

Attend this free seminar at the Sydney Adventist Hospital on 25 July and learn about key areas for your child's health including good nutrition, ear nose & throat issues, good sleep practices and more. Read more

HDM Party Guide – Autumn/Winter 2018

Here's our Party Guide for Autumn/Winter 2018. There's something for every child, with a huge range of local businesses offering fun venues, entertainment and supplies to help you organise the party of the year! Read more


Hills District Mums visits The Fiddler Rouse Hill

We're embarrassed to say that we hadn't actually visited Hills' icon The Fiddler until quite recently. Our loss! If you've never actually been, or if it's been a while between visits, it's definitely worth checking out! Here's why we enjoyed it. Read more

HDM visits Longshot cafe Beecroft

It's always nerve-wracking when a favourite cafe changes hands. We checked out Longshot cafe in Beecroft recently and were thrilled to see all is humming along and delicious to boot, perfect for lunch with a friend or a weekend brunch! Read more

Cafes with play areas: The Hills, Sydney

Cafes with play areas on site or nearby come in very handy when you're wanting to finish a coffee and a conversation in relative peace! Here's our updated list with a couple of great new local options. Read more

8 days in as a first time school mum

Are you a first time school mum with a little one starting school? It's a huge deal for the whole family! We're one year on now but we still laugh at our first couple of weeks as Official School Mums! Read more

Finding the will

As parents, the importance of having a Will in place can't be ignored. But what's involved and what do you need to consider? Here's some great information to get you started. Read more
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