We can’t be the only mums in the Hills that MUST have a coffee every day. We don’t insist that it’s as soon as we wake up, because let’s face it, our needs come last behind the needs of everyone in the house that’s shorter than us! But if we go longer than about mid morning, something’s up. And we’ve been known to regularly (ok, weekly) plan our park visits solely on what cafe is nearby that serves a good flat white.

The kids just know now that we get mummy’s coffee on the way to the park – and they know not to protest! And it’s made all the more painless when it’s a one stop situation – park the car, grab the coffee and head to the park. No getting multiple kids out of the car multiple times.

Here are our picks in the Hills where you can park once and have at your disposal both a good coffee and a nice little park.

Note: the below suggestions are for a take away situtation only – these are not places where you can sit, drink your coffee and watch your kids while they play. Those cafes are included in our cafes next to play areas list.

Rotary Park + Hidden Jem Cafe, Kenthurst

Corner of Kenthurst Road and Nelson Street.

Firstly, parking is easy here, with spots bordering the park and across the road from a great new cafe, Hidden Jem Cafe. We duck there first and order a take away – they serve great Toby’s Estate. And this park has become a new favourite lately as we only recently discovered it. There’s some great and slightly different play equipment. A couple of the structures are quite high so they’re a little more suited to older kids. But there’s certainly lots for small people to play on too, including a sweet little cubby house and multiple sets of swings.

Adding to the pros of this park are the big grassed area next to it, a basketball hoop in sight if you have an older kids, bbqs, shade, the fact that it’s mostly fenced.



Glenhaven  Oval playground + The Tuckshop, Glenhaven

78 Glenhaven Road

The Tuckshop is now firmly entrenched on the ‘good coffee in the Hills’ list. You may wait a couple of minutes longer than usual for the dude behind the coffee machine to do his thing, but it’s worth it. Then if the sun’s shining the little park just 20 metres away is lovely for little kids.

There’s plenty of room to put down a picnic blanket and there are a few trees that cast some shade, although the equipment isn’t shaded. It’s recently been fenced which is great if you have a kid that likes to run down onto the oval! Although the latch was easily conquered by Mr 4! We’ve also heard that there’s more to come on the refurb front for this little park, so fingers crossed as it could do with a set of swings. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a park as there are a couple of little parking areas next to the park and the shops.


Cafe Longshot / Espresso Recipe + Beecroft train park, Beecroft

6-8 Hannah St

Beecroft has a lovely village feel to it and there are some great cafes that boast excellent coffee. Our favourites to grab a take away from are Café Longshot and Espresso Recipe that does great Campos coffee – they’re at opposites ends of the little shopping arcade.

You can then wander down to the park next to the train station. It’s recently had a makeover and has some new equipment and seating. See our detailed review here. Parking is a bit thin on the ground at the moment as lots of builders are taking the spots while they work on both the railway line and the development of apartments.


Charlotte’s Little Sister / The Leaf Cafe + Wollundry Park, Pennant Hills

Hillcrest and Yarrara Roads

This is one of our favourite coffee/park combos! The area around the Pennant Hills Market Place is often busy but you can usually find a parking spot easily enough, either in the centre’s car park or on the street. There are a few options for coffee in Pennant Hills. One is Charlotte’s Little Sister. This hole in the wall cafe next to Harris Farm  is still relatively new and now hugely popular too. Grab your excellent Campos coffee while ogling the sweet treats on display. Read more about the cafe here. With the market place continuing it’s renovation, The Leaf Cafe has now opened in the centre too so this is another option for a take away coffee.

You can then stroll over Ramsey Road past the library (another good place to visit with the kids) to Wollundry Park. We always really enjoy our time at this park – there’s lots to play on, it’s fenced, there are bench seats and the gorgeous tall trees provide lots of shade.

Coffee Embassy + Willsford Homes Reserve, Northmead

Kleins and Beamish Roads

The Coffee Embassy is very popular with locals, we suspect because they do a great coffee and apparently the egg and bacon rolls are awesome as well. Just across the road is a sweet little corner park containing classic play equipment. There’s some seating and shade from trees. There’s also a patch of grass and a couple of paths for riding a scooter. You should easily find a car spot on Beamish or Kleins Roads.


Cafe El’s + Caroline Chisholm park, Winston Hills

Caroline  Chisholm Drive

Cafe Els is definitely a favourite among locals in Winston Hills for its great coffee and food, warm service and cool fit out. And just across the road is a great little park. In fact there are actually two playgrounds on this corner, so if the kids get tired of one you can stroll across to the other! You can park either on the street or beneath the mall.


The Leaf Cafe + Pebble Crescent park, The Ponds

Riverbank Drive and Pebble Crescent

This is a great little spot for a lazy morning spent with a coffee and in the playground. You can park in The Ponds Shopping Centre then stroll through to pick up your coffee. It’s also handy if you need to grab a couple of things for dinner at the supermarket. Head back out and across the carpark and this great playground is right there. It has seating, shade sails, lots of space for running or scootering and sculptures to explore.



Where is your favourite place to grab a coffee if you’re on your way to a playground?

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