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A Window Opens Counselling Services
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Ladies, does this sound familiar?

You’re always saying yes (when you really want to say no).
You’re constantly apologising (even when it’s not your fault).
You agree with everyone (because you find it difficult to speak up).

How different would your life be if you started saying yes to yourself rather than everyone else?

Hi, I’m Rachel Hows, a professional online counsellor. I support women to stop being people pleasers and to start valuing themselves.

Not sure if you’re a people pleaser?
Go to my website and do the Are you a People Pleaser? Quiz.
It includes 3 ways to value yourself.
Affinity Counselling
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Business Name: Affinity Counselling
ONLINE AND PHONE COUNSELLING AND COACHING SERVICE | Sharon is an experienced counsellor helping people navigate their personal challenges in life. Specialising in couples, parenting, self-esteem and teens, Sharon has vast experience in these areas to help clients get the best out of their counselling sessions.
Dolphin Tribe
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Business Name: Dolphin Tribe
At Dolphin Tribe, we care deeply about our patients and families. Whether you are a child, teen or new mum struggling with your mental health, we can help.

Treatment Based on Evidence, Driven by Compassion

Dolphin Tribe offers evidence-based assessment, diagnosis and holistic treatment for children, adolescents and perinatal mums in Sydney, Australia. Because mental health affects the entire family, we believe the whole family should be involved in treatment with the end goal of supportive relationships, resilience and enhanced wellbeing.
Passionate About Early Intervention

We live in a world where the quickest way is seen as the best – unfortunately, this has led to cutting corners in child and adolescent mental health. Let’s change this! Sending children to a psychiatrist for assessment early leads to the best possible outcomes – help us make early intervention the norm in mental health – there is no other way, there are no shortcuts!

Emphasis on Psychotherapy

Our treatment is based on various effective styles of psychotherapy (talk therapy) and our psychiatrist prescribes medication only when appropriate and clinically necessary. By providing nurturing care to new mothers, infants and children, we help our patients build strong foundations of mental wellbeing that will continue throughout their lifespan and into future generations.
Suburb: Eastwood
Kylie Lepri Counselling
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Psychotherapy and Counselling for Couples and Individuals
Suburb: Bella Vista
Other Locations: Australia
Learning Links
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Business Name: Learning Links
Learning Links is a not-for-profit charitable organisation with over 47 years of experience in helping kids learn.

Our professionals work with children, parents, carers, families and professionals across Sydney and NSW.

We are committed to providing high quality services that support children to reach their full potential. Our Bella Vista Learning Centre is open Monday to Saturday, offering assessments, psychology, speech and language therapy, specialist tutoring and small group programs.

Suburb: Bella Vista
Other Locations: Alexandria, Gledswood Hills, Liverpool, Maroubra, Oatley, Peakhurst
Suburb: Bella Vista
Other Locations: Alexandria, Gledswood Hills, Liverpool, Maroubra, Oatley, Peakhurst