With a strong social media presence, Hills District Mums provides a highly targeted and cost effective promotional opportunity for local businesses via our website hillsdistrictmums.com.au, Facebook, enewsletters and Instagram.

Who are we?

Hills District Mums is in the business of building a community! We provide an online community through numerous outlets such as our Facebook group of over 20,000 women, as well as a Facebook page with over 29,000 followers, an Instagram following of over 11,200 and close to 6,000 enewsletter subscribers.

And while COVID-19 has made everything VERY quiet, it has ignited an already very popular Hills District Mums community as mums increasingly rely on it for information, support and recommendations.

The Hills District Mums Facebook Group is an active and engaged group of local mums, meaning members are participating, reading and paying attention to the posts in the group. All good news for businesses! The following statistics give you an idea of the group’s activity and cover a recent 60 day period:

  • There were 8,622 posts.
  • On the 8,622 posts, there were 155,600 comments and 339,400 reactions.
  • Of the 20k+ members, over 19K engaged with the group. This is 95%, a HUGE proportion of the group and validates that it is an active, engaged audience.

However, our business is much more than the Facebook group.  We offer mums quality, relevant and up to date information via our website hillsdistrictmums.com.au. In fact, in the last two weeks alone we have had more than 500 additional mums join up to receive content direct to their inboxes.

So, how can your business take advantage of our platform?

We support and work with local businesses by offering them an extremely cost effective way of reaching their target audience via advertising on our website, promotions through our social media channels and listing in our business guide. We have a variety of opportunities depending on your budget.

I have no budget for marketing at the moment 

If you are a mum who lives in the Hills then you are eligible to join the Hills District Mums (Sydney) Facebook Group.  There is no free advertising in this group and no general business night. However, please feel free to recommend your business if someone does ask for a service directly in your line of business. We ask that you clearly state that you are the owner or related to the owner of the business (e.g. husband, child, friend, employee).  Do not search the group for old obsolete posts and then comment on them promoting your business.

I have less than $100 to spend on marketing

Our Hills District Mums love to buy local and receive recommendations from other mums. The Business Guide is a great way to get noticed by mums who live in the Hills District.  For $99 you can list your business in the Hills District Mums Business Directory for 12 months.

This gets you a 1000 character description for your business and includes your address, website, phone number, social media buttons, embedded videos, the ability for your customers to leave reviews and up to five images.

There are two added bonuses with our Business Directory listings:

  • You can piggy back off our high ranking SEO. Due to our website being very popular, if you list in our directory you will be able to piggy back of our high-ranking SEO. So for example, one of our plumbers who has followed our tips on getting the most out of our directory, has been active in the group and done a variety of advertising options now appears on the front page of a google search with 5 stars when searching ‘plumber hills district’ due to our website. The more content and traffic we have the higher this goes. If you’re a strategic rather than reactive marketer, there’s a lot to be gained by ‘hijacking’ the SEO value of a greater business.
  • All businesses with a listing in the Hills District Mums Business Guide are invited to post a free ad in the Hills District Mums Facebook Group during Business Hour, held from 8pm-9pm on the 1st of every month. Business Hour is only open to businesses that advertise with us.

It’s easy to set up your listing online and we’ll send you an invoice via email once you’ve finished loading everything. To list your business on the website go to hillsdistrictmums.com.au > business guide > list your business. 

I have a marketing budget and want to promote my business on your social media networks

If you want Hills District Mums to promote your business on our social media platforms and gain even greater exposure, we recommend our promotion packages.

These are our most popular form of advertising with businesses and over 150 businesses have done multiple promotions with us since we launched – this indicates that advertising via HDM has worked for them and they have returned again.

Promotions are an excellent way to access local mums and families via our social media platforms and encourage them to buy or try your product/use your business. We have a number of promotions packages available, outlined below.

The CLASSIC promotion

Your promotion/offer will:

  • appear in the ‘Don’t Miss’ section on the home page of the website for two weeks
  • be posted once on the Hills District Mums Facebook page and once in the Hills District Mums Facebook group
  • be included in our next fortnightly enewsletter.

This is a good option if you want to feature on the homepage of the site for a period of time, access our Facebook group & page, and want to appear in an enewsletter too – it covers all bases.

COST: $349. To ensure your ad is seen, this charge includes a $20 Facebook boost. You are able to spend more on sponsoring the post if you like.

The BLAST promotion

This is a photo/graphic and 2-3 sentences of text posted via our social media platforms (Instagram (if appropriate), Facebook page, Facebook group).

COST: $299. To ensure your ad is seen, this charge includes a $20 Facebook boost. You are able to spend more on sponsoring the post if you like.

Other advertising and promotional options available immediately 

Leaderboard – we have a rare space available on our leaderboard $800 per month. Discounts apply for bookings greater than 3 months. This premium space is the most prominent space on our website and appears on each page. All businesses that take out one of these advertising spaces receive at least one value-add post in our Hills District Mums Facebook Group and on our Facebook Page – the number of posts depends on your advertising space and the length of time you advertise for.  These spaces rarely become available so chat to us ASAP if you would like to secure a spot.

Mobile sticky ad – this is a premium ad spot that appears on every page of our website when viewed on a mobile and stays there even when readers scroll through. It is $895 per month.

Enewsletter – we send a fortnightly enewsletter to close to 6,000 subscribers. Banner advertising is available in each newsletter. Our fortnightly enewsletter has an open rate of 38.8% and a click through rate of 10.7%. You can also do a dedicated ‘solus’ enewsletter to our database. Contact us to discuss this option in more detail if you’re interested.

The SEARCH – If you’re looking to recruit for a role or fill a position at your work, you can advertise a job with us. The job vacancies section of our website is very popular for job hunters and employers alike and is now one of the most viewed sections of our site.  Contact us for more details.

Click here if you’d like to receive our advertisers kit. If you have any questions at all about advertising or you’d like to book something in, please email us at hello@hillsdistrictmums.com.au. We hope our local business community will be back, stronger and more successful than ever, in the coming months.