Like most mums, balancing all of life’s commitments had seen her weight increase. It never used to be an issue but *bang* she was now at 112kg!

She had seen the advertising on Hills District Mums but wasn’t sure she’d be able to complete it. But boy was she wrong!

She started out with a strong first week losing 4kg! Yes, that was 4kg in 7 days!

This gave her the motivation she was after!

As the weeks went on she consistently lost weight…1.3kg….1.2kg….1.9kg….it just kept dropping!

See just some of the people that Emma lost weight with here. Our next program starts on May 18, and places remaining are running out fast.

The Master of Transformations is Here!

Have you tried every program available to lose weight but can’t seem to lose that weight and keep it off? Then it sounds like you need Ray Kelly!

Ray Kelly is Australia’s leading weight loss expert and he has places available in his program that starts on May 18 in Blacktown. Ray is an Exercise Physiologist with 24 years’ experience and no health professional in Australia can come even close to his experience and accomplishments:

  • Trainer of 2 winners from 2 attempts on The Biggest Loser
  • Trainer of athletes for 2 Olympics (Atlanta and Sydney)
  • Trainer of more than 10 world champion fighters
  • Trainer on Fox8’s The Contender
  • Author of 2 weight loss books
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Degree in Exercise Science
  • Masters in Teaching
  • Secondary PDHPE Teacher
  • Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach

The Program

Ray’s ‘Transformation Package’ goes for 10 weeks and offers a money back guarantee that you will lose at least 10% body weight. Each week you will see Ray for 15 minutes and in that consultation you are provided with an exercise program and meal plan. You will also receive strategies for any obstacles that may be hindering your progress. Ray travels the world learning from the world’s leading researchers and takes their information and presents it in an easy to understand format that will have you losing weight right from Day 1!

The meal plan consists of fresh foods (no supplements!) and the exercise program can be catered for those that can’t exercise, up to those that are competing at an elite level.

The cost of the program is usually $600 but a $100 discount will be provided for Hills District Mum members ($500 for members). In addition, rebates may be available on Medicare and private health funds. Some participants may be only out of pocket by as little as $120! (We also have a payment plan!)

If you were signing up to a weight loss program with a trainer you could be paying as much as $1500 for a 10 week program, and then you’ll have to find time to make 3-5 sessions per week, you’ll be flogged with exercise, and you’ll be getting tips from someone with much less experience.

Who Should Sign Up?

Most of Ray’s clients are referred by doctors and specialists, so if you have struggled in the past to lose weight and keep it off then this program is for you, especially if you have High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnoea, and Thyroid conditions.

This program is also very effective for those that are time poor or have limited mobility. It is a program that is designed to provide successful long-term weight loss for the modern parent, and your only commitment is 15 minutes per week!

You will find all the information on the program here:

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