Art N Move Hills District is a combination of music, dramatic play, story time, art & craft, instruments, movement and interactive play all rolled into a 45 minute class.
One of their most popular class activities is to create an Art N Move Rain Shaker.  See if you can recreate this at home.
Supplies needed
Empty Paper Towel roll (or you can try with a toilet roll or even the end of a cling wrap roll)
Uncooked rice
Sticky tape
Contact paper
Materials to decorate it
Instructions are as follows:
  • Using an empty paper towel roll, seal one end with clear sticky tape
  • Using a funnel and spoon, fill about a third of the paper towel roll with rice
  • Decorate the outside of the roll using either paint or texta (whichever is preferred) and stickers (try to choose your child’s favourite theme to decorate) and only paint/colour to about 2-3cm from the top
  • Once paint/texta is dry, use pre-cut contact paper to cover the paper towel roll all the way around and at the top and bottom as well
  • To ensure that the contact does not peel off on the ends, it’s best to seal the ends again with sticky tape.
  • Your Rain Shakers are now ready to use!
**A quick note  – confetti can also be used as a decoration but we recommend you mix some liquid glue with the paint so they will stick on or you can place them on contact paper before you wrap the paper towel roll with contact.
** If you’d like to extend this exercise further for your child, we recommend using tweezers to pick up and place confetti onto the roll or the contact. This is a great way to strengthen their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.