Baby and child sleep consultants

Tresillian Family Care Centres
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Tresillian is a not-for-profit organisation that assists Australian families in the early years of their child. We help parents gain confidence in their new roles as mums and dads and teach new parents about routines in breastfeeding, sleep, settling and nutrition. We support new parents with practical, trusted advice to help the whole family thrive.
Chantal Cohen: Infant and Child Sleep Consultant
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Certified sleep consultant and early childhood educator specialising in a more hands on methods.

When it comes to sleep, Chantal is passionate about providing quality sleep guidance, relief and support to exhausted parents through a personalised one-on-one sleep service, giving parents the best tailored sleep plan for their child.

Chantal holds a Diploma of Children’s Services (Early Childhood), and has worked in centre-based and home-based care for more than 10 years. Chantal has a current First Aid certificate and is mum to 3 gorgeous girls.