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At The Children’s Preschool (TCP) the education and care program is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’.

We believe in a community approach towards children’s learning.
We celebrate the 'here and now' in children's lives and nurture who they are becoming.

Our educators hope to provide a loving and secure relationship with every child, giving families a sense of community and leaving their children with extended family.

Where traditional values meet contemporary practice. We value the integration of care, development and education, learning through concrete experiences and real life projects incorporating art, science, technology, engineering, numeracy and literacy, including the involvement of parents and communities.

Photographic documentation and written observations and evaluation of our program are published each day for families to read, respond to and share, providing opportunities for reflection, discussion in analysing children’s learning and development.

Our play based educational program centres on empowering children with life skills to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, be respectful and be responsible. By doing this we hope that children develop empathy, learn to be compassionate, respect difference, promote equality and live happy and healthy lives towards a sustainable future for themselves and others in their journey as young global citizens.

Underpinning our early years philosophy are child theorists, Bronfenbrenner, Vygotsky, Dewey, Gardener, Piaget, Singer and Malaguzzi. We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, Nature Pedagogy Forest Schools, Bush Kindergartens, and Experiential Pioneer, Claire Warden.

All families that wish to place their child on the TCP waiting list are required to attend an information session, held each Friday, fortnightly from 10am to 11am. At this session you will view the program, meet educators and be acquainted with The Children’s Preschool philosophy, policies and curriculum.

Booking in advance is required via our website, following this link http://www.thechildrenspreschool.com.au/educational-tour.php
We are situated at the Glenhaven Community Centre, next door to Glenhaven Public School and the Tuck Shop.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our TCP Community.

76 Glenhaven Rd
  • Winner, 'Most Outstanding Childcare' Sydney Hills.
  • The Children's Preschool beautiful gardens
  • Learning to manage risk and developing life skills.
  • The learning potential of a puddle


This preschool is amazing!
Clean facilities. Interesting and fun activities. Healthy learning environment, lots of outdoor time in the beautiful garden.
Dedicated, well-trained, sincerely caring staff. They really take an interest in the children. My son is now at the school next door and begs me to take him back to visit his teachers at the preschool! I really appreciated this level of care for my son here.
They even kept track of every single belonging and we did not lose one item while attending here! So well organised!! I also liked the fact that any person picking up a child was scrutinised (not like another preschool we attended, where anyone could walk in and out with any child and no-one paid any attention!!). I really felt like I was sending him to family here, and not an institution.
Clarissa the lovely, caring and kind director has many years experience in running preschools and incorporates the latest research into her programs and activities for the children so they really do receive an amazing and exciting education. They have rightfully been acknowledged in the early learning sector and won awards for their hard work. Truly a hidden gem!!

Jenni Soliman | 09/10/2018

A beautiful team of staff involving the children in learning through play. My daughter has grown socially and academically since being there. She loves her preschool and excited to go and see her teachers each week!

Emma wilson | 03/07/2018

Two of my children have been/are attending The Children's Preschool in Glenhaven and we all love it.

The Preschool is set on beautiful grounds, with a focus on nature and space for learning in our environment. The location is perfect, as there is a large carpark close by, as well as an oval, cafe and playground (for those after preschool play dates!) and adjoins Glenhaven Public School, making it super handy if you have children attending both as you only have one pick up/drop off location to worry about!!

We love that there are staff of all ages and basically zero staff turnover, meaning our children are getting quality care by staff that love to work there (and have done so for many years). The staff are so caring and fun and put so much work into making the preschool a safe and special place for our kids to flourish.

Parents and educators work closely together and parents are given opportunity to contribute to every part of their child's learning program. This means we are all on the same page and all work together on educating our kids.

A great facility, with an amazing team, providing quality care and education for our children. A hidden secret in Glenhaven!!

Cherry Fratto | 29/06/2018

All my 3 children have either been or is still making beautiful memories at TCP. This is a centre where children love to be dropped off and had to be begged to leave at pick up. The reason is obvious, they genuinely love all the things they do here - from playing in the vast beautiful outdoor, burying themselves in the sandpit whilst developing friendships, preparing the best mud pies, drawing and painting all kind of ideas, learning about volcanoes, water cycles, solar systems, testing scientific theories to being fit and active - every aspect is incorporated into their daily activities in the most fun and appropriate manner. The play based approach adopted by TCP is great in helping the children learn naturally, while developing many desirable soft skills which cannot be taught through rigid lessons and curriculum. And the skills that they learn in TCP form a very strong foundation that lasts. I strongly recommend this excellent centre and cannot thank the team of educators enough for giving my kids the best preschool years!

Jinny Lim | 29/06/2018

My son has been at The Childrens Preschool for about 1.5 years now and I can not recommend it highly enough.
The things that set this Preschool apart in my opinion are:
1. The experienced and caring staff. Young at heart but with many years of experience and it shows. The right blend of authority and care for this age group. Are able to truly partner with parents in the childrens development.
2. The purpose and intent behind all of the wonderful experiences the children have. I never really understood early childhood education until my child started here. Every fun play based activity is planned with the intent of fostering skills that will form the foundation of future learnings.
3. The environment is just beautiful. The grounds, the indoor spaces, well equipped, beautifully maintained and cared for.
4. The children are taught great values. There is no tolerance for bad behavior towards each other or their environment. The children are taught to be respectful and kind.
5. How happy my child is to be here every day. He really loves it. Water play under the sprinkler in summer, watching the tadpoles turn into frogs, making messy muddy wombat stew. What more could a 4 year old want??!!

Highly recommend!!

Victoria Skik | 28/06/2018

What a fantastic school!!
My boys have attended TCP since 2016 and beg everyday to go to school. I love that the team really encourage the kids to get outside and explore, climb trees, make mud pies & look after the veggie garden. Education for preschoolers isn’t taken seriously by a lot of people, I think it’s so important, this is when they will learn to love learning & be considerate & caring of others. I’m always blown away with the activities, craft, science experiments and fun that happens at our little school.
It’s going to be a very sad day when I no longer have to drag a child out of the Centre.
Thank you ladies.

Jamie Davies | 27/06/2018

A wonderful preschool with beautiful grounds and excellent teachers. It is a caring, fun and educational learning environment. Two of my children have been lucky to attend here. I highly recommend this preschool and the dedicated, friendly staff.

Corinne Shield | 27/06/2018

I couldn’t speak more highly of the children’s preschool. My daughter has attended for 2 years and my son has just started. The centre is small with a lovely community feel. The children PLAY and spend a great amount of time ourside in the beautiful gardens climbing trees and making mud pies. The teachers are fantastic and I feel as though they love my children as much as I do. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending TCP and have already had a number of friends move their children over from other centres in the area.

Rachael Simmons | 27/06/2018

Such a beautiful preschool, with a team of educators who are all very professional, wonderfully caring & nurturing & are always engaging with the kids. So glad to be part of The Children’s Preschool family!

Liza Finlayson | 27/06/2018

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