Mallee Street Quakers Hill Photo Credit: Jagged Eye Photography

Mallee Street Quakers Hill Photo Credit: Jagged Eye Photography

Christmas Lights! A must-do for families in the Hills! Scores of families spend their own time and money doing up their houses just to bring joy to others. With the help of Hills District Mums in the know, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas Lights in the Hills. 

If we’re missing any great lights or you can provide an exact address, please comment on our Facebook page or email us at If any of the below are not going ahead, please let us know. Also, if you have a photo of any we’d love to see it – send it to us at and we can add it to the list. Thank you to everyone who does up their houses at Christmas time! The joy and magic you bring is very much appreciated.

Disclaimer: We’ve tried our best to provide accurate information. We apologise if any of the above is incorrect or disappointing. Please let us know so we can keep the list up to date. Also, people choose to put up their lights at different times. We expect the majority of lights to be erected by mid December.

BAULKHAM HILLS: Geraldine Ave, Marcel Place, 149 Baulkham Hills Road, Brokenwood Place, 13 Evesham Crt, Solent Circuit (Hillsong), Reppan Avenue, Juniper Place

Marcel Place Baulkham Hills

Reppan Ave Baulkham Hills


CARLINGFORD: 59 Oakes Road, 7 Lindisfarne Cres, 12 Watton Road, Dunrossil Avenue, Windsor Avenue

Oakes Road Carlingford

CASTLE HILL: Squire Place, 9 Lisa Crescent, 136 Excelsior Avenue, Grandoaks Place, 22 Brushford Ave, 17 Brookfield Way, Murrumba Place and Minago Place.

Minago Place, Castle Hill

Minago Place, Castle Hill

CHERRYBROOK:  Lonicera Place, 17 Copperleaf Place


DURAL: Jenner Road

GLENHAVEN: 26 Mills Road, 8 Evans Road, Beacon Avenue

GLENORIE: Tecoma Drive, Dobbie Place

GLENWOOD: Casino Road

GREYSTANES: Camellia Street, Cumberland Road, Carnation Street

Camellia Street, Greystanes

Camellia Street, Greystanes

KELLYVILLE: Garnet Place, 37 Marsden Avenue, Karinya Place, Hector Court, Carmelo Court, 76 Arnold Avenue, 37 & 39 Marella Avenue, 44 Mawarra Crescent., 30 Kirkcaldy Circuit


Karinya Place Kellyville

KELLYVILLE RIDGE: Bruton Ave, 37 Merrillville Road, Chino Place

KINGS LANGLEY: Corner of Kempe Parade and Clerke Pl, Briscoe Cres, Parkinson Street, Sutherland Avenue, Keppel Street

KINGS PARK: 87 Camorta Close

LALOR PARK: 19 Purcell Crescent, 45 Lawson Street, 107 Kennedy Parade

NORTHMEAD: 45 Grasmere Rd, Dorset Avenue

NORTH ROCKS: 4 & 10 Hepburn Road

OLD TOONGABIE: Nulang Street, Calga Place

PENNANT HILLS: 25 Jackson Cres

QUAKERS HILL: Mallee Street, Keon Place, Cathan Street, Manorhouse Blvd

ROUSE HILL: Noble Way, Hills Illuminate at Rouse Hill Town Centre

Noble Way, Rouse Hill

SCHOFIELDS: Dongola Circuit

SEVEN HILLS: Beethoven Street, Nice Place

STANHOPE GARDENS: Trafford Lane, 6 Tilbury Avenue

THE PONDS: Bellinger Street

THORNLEIGH: Oakleigh Road

TOONGABBIE: 6 Vancouver Ave, Rausch Street


WINSTON HILLS: 40 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Caledonian Avenue, corner of Oakes Road and Edison Parade


And while not technically in the Hills, if you’re up for a drive to see some spectacular lights there are a couple of other locations:

DAVIDSON: Cambage Court even has a website!



NORTH RYDE: Chauvel Street

ROPES CROSSING: 34 Dunlop Avenue

Dunlop Avenue Ropes Crossing

Dunlop Avenue Ropes Crossing

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9 Lisa Crescent Castle Hill

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17 Brookfield Way Castle Hill

Joanne Close Cherrybrook

Lonicera Place Cherrybrook

17 Copperleaf Place Cherrybrook

Elm Place Constitution Hill

Jenner Road Dural

26 Mills Road Glenhaven

8 Evans Road Glenhaven

Tecoma Drive, Glenorie

Casino Road Glenwood

Camellia Street Greystanes

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Carnation Street Greystanes

Garent Place Kellyville

Arnold Avenue Kellyville

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30 Kirkcaldy Circuit Kellyville

Bruton Avenue Kellyville Ridge

37 Merriville Road Kellyville Ridge

Chino Place Kellyville Ridge

Kempe Parade King Langley

Parkinson Street King Langley

Briscoe Place Kings Langley

Sutherland Avenue Kings Langley

Keppel Street Kings Langley

19 Purcell Crescent Lalor Park

45 Lawson Street Lalor Park

107 Kennedy Parade Lalor Park

45 Grasmere Road Northmead

4 Hepburn Road North Rocks

10 Hepburn Road North Rocks

25 Jackson Cres Pennant Hills

Nulang Street Old Toongabbie

Calga Place Old Toongabbie

Mallee Street Quakers Hill

Keon Place Quakers Hill

Cathan St Quakers Hill

Manor House Blvd Quakers Hill

34 Dunlop Avenue Ropes Crossing

Rouse Hill Town Centre - Hills Illuminate

Noble Way Rouse Hill

Dongola Schofields

Beethoven Street Seven Hills

Nice Place Seven Hills

Trafford Lane Stanhope Gardens

Tilbury Avenue Stanhope Gardens

Bellinger Street The Ponds

Oakleigh Road Thornleigh

6 Vancouver Avenue Toongabbie

Rausch Street Toongabbie

67 Eaton Road West Pennant Hills

40 Caroline Chisholm Drive Winston Hills

Caledonian Avenue Winston Hills

Corner of Oakes Road and Edison Parade Winston Hills

Dobbie Place Glenorie

37 Marsden Avenue Kellyville

Camorta Close Kings Park

Hector Court Kellyville

Karinya Kellyville

Baulkham Hills Road

Dorset Avenue

Carmelo Court Kellyville

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