Get ready to chill with the coolest gang in town! Creatures of the Ice Age have emerged from their frozen hideaways and have made themselves at home at  Sydney Zoo! 1 July – 27 August. FREE with your zoo ticket.

Grab your map and embark on an icy adventure as you encounter life-size, moving creatures of the Ice Age. Marvel at the towering presence of the Woolly Mammoth, meet the majestic Glyptodon, witness the power of the Woolly Rhino, and feel shivers down your spine as you discover the fearsome
Sabre-Tooth Tiger.

In addition to the awe-inspiring animals, Creatures of the Ice Age offers a range of exciting frostivities for the whole family. Visit the thrilling Rides Zone or the Craft Village to create your own custom snow globe. Glide, spin and twirl on the Ice rink. Plus, If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the
elusive Abominable Snow Man for a unique photo opportunity.

Creatures of the Ice Age is FREE with zoo entry and kids tickets are only $19.99. But hurry – this extraordinary experience is on for a limited time only. Discover the wonders of the Ice Age before it melts away!

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Ice Trail
Grab your map and explore the zoo in search of creatures of the Ice Age! Come face-to-fur with animals big and small, from the massive Woolly Mammoth with its majestic tusks reaching towards the sky, to an adorable family of penguins.

Ice Rink
Get ready to glide, spin, twirl and feel the ice beneath your feet. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or taking your first slippery steps, our ice rink is the perfect place to embrace the magic of the ice age.

Abominable Snowman meet & greet
Capture a magical moment with the larger-than-life Abominable Snowman, a legendary creature straight out of your wildest imagination. Standing an impressive 2 metres tall, this gentle giant has journeyed from the snowy peaks for a FREE memorable photo moment.

Rides Zone
Looking for more of a thrill? Head to the Rides Zone and take a spin on the Fantasy Flyer, or hop on board the Go Gator Coaster. While you’re there, put your skill to the test and try your hand at catch-a-penguin.