Every now and then the discussion comes up in the Hills District Mums Facebook group – what suburbs are part of the Hills District and hence qualify you to be a member of the group? It has often led to furious debate between the purists and those with a broader view of the area, but ultimately leads to the purists being labelled snobs.

According to Wikipedia “The Hills District is a general term for the north-western suburbs of Sydney. Its constituent suburbs are generally located within the local government area of The Hills Shire; some parts of the Hornsby Shire are also included in the area that is given the title the Hills District.” The next part of Wikipedia states that the area is not clearly defined – it changes according to different organisations/individuals. For example, we’ve noticed that if you’re driving on the M2 from the city there’s a sign just before the Beecroft Road turn off that says ‘The Hills District’. Surely this is gospel and any suburb from that point on is included?

So, what definition does Hills District Mums apply?

To answer this question we need to take you back to the humble beginnings of the Hills District Mums Facebook group. The Group originated out of our Mothers Group who all met at the Pennant Hills Early Childhood Centre. Yes, the name has Hills in it but, shock horror, we all lived in suburbs covered by the Hornsby Council. If we had our time again we’d probably call the group North West Sydney Mums – not quite as catchy, but it definitely better represents us. However, when we created the group we thought we’d connect a few hundred local mums – we never believed that it would grow to be the size it is today. You’ve got to love hindsight!

But back to present day, a Facebook group of over 8000 mums and the topic of this article. Clearly the suburbs covered by the Hills Shire Council are included in our definition of Hills District. They include Annangrove, Baulkham Hills (part), Beaumont Hills, Bella Vista, Box Hill, Carlingford (part), Castle Hill (part), Cattai (part), Dural (part), Glenhaven (part), Glenorie (part), Kellyville (but not its Ridge!), Kenthurst, Leets Vale (part), Lower Portland (part), Maraylya (part), Maroota (part), Middle Dural (part), Nelson, North Parramatta (part), North Rocks, Northmead (part), Oatlands (part), Rouse Hill (part), Sackville North, South Maroota, West Pennant Hills (part), Winston Hills (part) and Wisemans Ferry (part).

And yes, we know what you’re thinking, as are we. WHY oh why are only parts of so many suburbs included?? We’re sure there’s a very sensible, logical, council-related reason for this but it certainly confuses things!

Add to that the suburbs that the Hills Shire Council is prepared to take on if councils were amalgamated. The part suburbs mentioned above – we accept you in your entirety! Except for Oatlands, you’re out (sorry, their definition not ours). Also in are Beecroft, Epping, Cherrybrook, Galston, Arcadia, Berrilee, Berowra Waters, Fiddletown, Forest Glen, Canoelands, Singletons Mill, Laughtondale, Scheyville, Pitt Town, Oakville, McGraths Hill, Windsor and Vineyard.

And surely we have to include the local suburbs with ‘Hill’ in the name (singular or plural, we’ll take you both) that aren’t part of the current (or future!) Hills Shire – hello mums in Constitution Hill, Pennant Hills, Quakers Hill and Seven Hills.

So what’s missing? Looks like anything else west of Old Windsor Road such as The Ponds, Stanhope Gardens, Schofields, Kings Langley and Glenwood. But we’ve met some top birds from those suburbs, so they’re in as well.

Confused? Yep, so were we! Our overall purpose was to make Hills District Mums as relevant as possible. There are plenty of general parenting sites and groups – we wanted something that linked us to the local area and connected us with other mums who lived nearby. In a bid to keep it simple we think the best criteria to apply is the following:

  • Do you spend too much money at a) Rouse Hill Town Centre and/or b) Castle Towers?
  • Do you look for things to do in the Hills?
  • Do you like to support local Hills businesses where you can?

If so, then you’re a Hills District Mum as far as we’re concerned. Welcome!