A bum-tastic adventure awaits in this new production as Skeeta, Mick and Billy take on an investigation to try and find the missing bums of Bugalugs. Who is the Bugalugs bum thief?

Skeeta Anderson and the whole town of Bugalugs wake up one morning to find that their bums are gone. They can’t sit, they can’t keep their pants up, and they can barely stand!

There’s just a big hollow where a bum should be. And not only Skeeta’s bum, but the bum of every person in the town of Bugalugs. All 496 of them!

Skeeta Anderson, Mick Misery and Billy Marbles begin their adventure to catch the thief and get their bums back!

Who is the Bugalugs bum thief?

Don’t miss the fun and excitement this July School Holiday as they try to get their bums back. Book your tickets now!

17 – 21 July
Riverside Theatres in Parramatta

Recommended for ages 5+.

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