Every pre-schooler should try gymnastics! Gymnastics teaches children important movement patterns for life and improves their balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. It also helps to develop their cognitive and socialising abilities. Above all, gymnastics is a fun way for kids to learn about their physicality.

Sydney Hills Gymnastics was established in 2012 with a vision to create a safe and nurturing environment where kids of all ages can keep fit, make friends and have fun through gymnastics.

The club offers Early Learning gymnastics classes for pre-schoolers from 6 months to 5 years of age. With two state -of- the- art venues, dedicated coaches will teach your child gymnastics in a fun and engaging way. There are both parent-assisted and independent classes depending on the age and readiness of each child. Experienced coaches will assess your child during the trial class to ensure your little one is placed in a class where they can thrive and learn with their peers.

To book your FREE TRIAL simply call 9659 9010 or email info@sydneyhillsgymnastics.com.au

sydneyhillsgymnastics.com.au  |  P: 9659 9010  |  E: info@sydneyhillsgymnastics.com.au

Venue 1: 3/4 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill.

Venue 2: 1/1 Meridian Place, Bella Vista.