• Arden Anglican

It’s no secret that Halloween has its haters here in Australia. Growing up, we never participated in it and rarely had people knocking at our door. We asked our parents if we could do it – costumes and lollies, what’s not to love about that?! But the answer was always a flat out no to this “crap American tradition”.

Thirty years on the haters still exist. But slowly, year by year, the Halloween movement gains a little more momentum as increasing numbers of Aussies embrace this occasion – or maybe it’s more a case of their kids have worn them down with incessant nagging!

But based on the chatter in the Hills District Mums Facebook group over the last several years, pockets of the Hills are really embracing it and having a fabulous time trick or treating.

Unlike certain suburbs known for their lights at Christmas time, there’s no particular street renowned for their awesome Halloween set up or the best treats going – it’s more about neighbours getting together so the kids can have a bit of fun. Well that seems to be the Aussie interpretation anyway. We’re sure some American purists are horrified!

One of the best ideas we’ve seen is this note that parents with trick or treaters were giving to neighbours in their street with a balloon attached if they were wanting to participate.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

There’s also a Facebook group set up for Halloween in Kellyville Ridge, The Ponds and Stanhope Gardens. You can find it here.
If you do decide to go trick or treating, The Hills Local Area Command has the tips below on staying safe and they’re good ones to discuss with your kids. The key message from Police for parents is to supervise your children.

NSW Police recommend you do not participate in this activity. However, if you choose to participate, here are some things you should consider:

• Is it safe to take lollies or chocolate from strangers?

• Do I know the person whose door I am knocking on?

• Will I get into trouble from police if I play a ‘prank’ or damage property?

• What if a stranger talks to me?


Remember your safety tips from the NSW Police ‘Keeping Me Safe’ initiative:

• Safety in numbers! Walk in a group. Never walk alone. Ensure you have adult supervision.

• Hold hands and cross roads at safe locations such as marked crossings and/or traffic light intersections. Don’t forget to ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think.’

• Do not talk to strangers other than the people nominated as ‘Safe people’ from ‘Safe places’.

• If you feel unsafe or unsure, remember to tell a stranger ‘No’ ‘Stop’ and/or ‘Go away’.


If you would still like to celebrate the occasion, perhaps you could consider celebrating at home.

Police will not tolerate poor behaviour, particularly in public, so remember your manners just like every other day of the year.

Call 000 if you require immediate assistance or 9680 5399 for Castle Hill Police.

If you think the trick or treating sounds all too hard but you still want to participate in the occasion, there are some great Halloween-themed special events on in and around the Hills:

Halloween at Castle Hill RSL & Lynwood Country Club. Saturday 28 October to Tuesday 31 October.

Castle Hill RSL and Lynwood Country Club are serving up ‘spooky meals’ including Halloween Pasta, Spiderweb Pizza and a Spooky Charcuterie board between Saturday 28 October and Tuesday 31 October.

Castle Hill RSL only – Saturday 28 October there will be a Halloween Messy Makers session for kids between 10.30am – 12pm (plaster painting). Then from 5pm to 7pm there will be a free Lil Ravers Kids Disco in the Courtyard.

Find out all the details here.


Halloween party & kids’ disco. The Galston Club. Saturday 28 October. 4pm – 6pm.

Halloween Galston


Halloween Trick and Treat Trail at Winston Hills Mall. Saturday 28 October and Sunday 29 October. 10am to 2pm.

Have fun decorating your own trick or treat bag and following the clues around the centre, visiting retailers who will fill your treat bag with goodies! Perfect for children of all ages. Dress up and do it at your own pace in your family groups.


Spooky Storytime at local Hills libraries.

Dress up and join the fun at our annual Spooky Storytime. Stories and games to delight not fright! Create your own mini trick or treating bag to take home. Suitable for children in school years K-2.


Count Crocula’s Halloween Party at Croc’s Rouse Hill or Croc’s Marsden Park. Tues 31 October. 5pm to 8pm.

Glenorie RSL’s Halloween Bop till you drop! Tues 31 October 5pm. $5 entry per child. More info here.

Halloween at Stanhope Village. Tuesday 31 October. 2.30pm to 5.30pm.  More details here.